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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 339

“Let’s inform Inspector Charles about this,” Abel said to Luca, “Let them come here to round these guys up. ” “Roger, Mr. Abel!” Luca immediately called Inspector Charles. Then, everyone dispersed. Kendra was still reeling away from the heart-wrenching situation just now even after she was already in the off-road vehicle, “I remembered your office phone number, so I was able to call you by using those guys’ phone just when they were taking a pee. I would never know whether anyone would pick up my call since it was already quite late, but thank god, you’re still in the office, Mr. Abel. I was beyond lucky…” She began to sob. “Why did those guys kidnap you?” Abel frowned, “What kind of secret are you hiding?” “I…” Just when Kendra was thinking about what to say, the baby in her embrace began to cry. Kendra had to try to calm her down. The road was very bumpy, and since Kendra was exhausted, she soon fell into a slumber with the baby firmly in her arms. Abel took off his jacket and covered this poor widow and her daughter. “Mr. Abel, where are we headed?” Luca asked politely. Abel’s brows jolted a little, “Let’s go to the Precipice. It’s more tranquil there. ” Luca then dished out the order to the driver. When they reached the Precipice, it was already daybreak. Kendra and her daughter were still soundly asleep. It felt like these two did not get any sleep at all for a long time as they were on the run and Kendra’s senses were highly-strung. At that moment, they were able to sleep like a dead log because they knew they were safe now. Kendra took the baby into his arms while Luca carried Kendra. They sent the two of them to a guest room on the second floor. Then, Abel instructed his bodyguards to buy some milk powder from a 24-hour convenient store nearby. After everything was settled, he got back to his bedroom. The cleoner hod olreody prepored his bothtub. He removed his clothes ond ollowed his fotigued body to immerse in the worm, soothing woter. He borely rested since he hod to ensure Kendro’s sofety. Would Emmeline be too excited to the point thot she could not sleep becouse of the engogement ceremony thot wos going to hoppen ot nine loter? “Emmo…” Abel let himself sink further into the woter, ond he lightly colled out her nome. Then, o drop of teors fell into the woter

He would be like Benjamin, hiding his feelings from her and watching out for her back from a distance. Abel sniffed hard, which attracted Luca’s gaze. Luca was now staring at his face

. “What are you looking at?” Abel bellowed, “Never seen someone feeling irked by the salty food?” Luca thought, Is the food salty in the first place? The bodyguards shared the same sentiment, The food is not salty or overcooked in the slightest, no? The head chef of the Nimbus Hotel would deny Abel’s claim, definitely. He was confident in his cooking skills. In the Nightfall Cafe, Benjamin woke up on the third floor. He was in the room that Adrien used to live in. He had drunk too much last night. Unexpectedly, it was Adrien who had asked him out for a drink. However, Arien did not drink at all, contrary to him who had downed shot after shot. Benjamin rubbed his forehead hard. His head was still throbbing. However, he remembered everything clearly. It did not seem like he had lost some of his memories because of the alcohol. He remembered that it was Emmeline who had brought him here. She even cooked some soup for him so that he could recover from his hangover. She fed him the soup and wiped his face with a warm towel before he was finally out cold. “Emma…” Benjamin murmured as he was reminiscing about her gentleness. Emmeline was still in her room at the moment. When she thought about the fact that she was finally engaging with Adrien, sleep could not come to her all night. It was not like she was excited about it. It was more like… She was consumed by sadness. She was cursing at Abel silently in her heart for the fact that he was too heartless. Is our past a lie? Is our romance fake? I am going to be engaged to someone, why are you not coming to stop me? Maybe I will change my mind if you come later, who knows? She could not believe that Abel did not even call her the whole night. Not even a text message. Didn’t you know that I am waiting for you? She was waiting for him with her phone in her hands, and she almost cried through the night. Abel, you are a jerk… You must be with Alana, right? You must have gone to her. She must have told you that she could not sleep at night…