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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 340

In the end, Emmeline fell asleep with the remnants of her tears still on her face. She only woke up at eight the following day. “Ms. Louise! Ms. Louise!” Sam was shouting loudly outside her room, “Are you taking this engagement thing seriously or not? Why are you still not up yet?” “Yeah,” Daisy chipped in, “I’ve sent the triplets to school and come back, but you’re still not awake yet. ” Benjamin came down from the third floor, and he was buttoning up his shirt, “If she doesn’t want to get up, let her be. Isn’t it better for everyone that she calls off that engagement?” Sam and Daisy thought about his words and found themselves kind of agreeing to them. If Emmeline wanted to sleep in, they should let her be. However, Emmeline suddenly gasped loudly, “Why didn’t you guys wake me up earlier? Look at the time now!” The moment she opened the door of her room, the three of them barged in. Benjamin was the first person she saw. “Benjamin” Emmeline grabbed him, “Is is your idea? To stop them from waking me up?” “Why would I do that?” Benjamin was wronged, “I have just woken up too, you know. Didn’t you see that I haven’t even washed my face?” “So this is really not your idea?” Emmeline pouted and her brows shot up. “It’s really not, Ms. Louise!” Benjamin spread out his hands. “You better not lie,” Emmeline fumed, “I know that you’re trying to ruin things for me!” “Ms. Louise,” Sam reminded her, “If you still want to make it to the engagement ceremony in time, you better go wash up now. ” “Yeah, she’s right,” Daisy sang along, “I will go make some breakfast for you. Eat some before you leave. ” “Ms. Louise!” Someone colled out from downstoirs, “Your dress is here. Mr. Adrien is olreody woiting in the cor here. ” “Hey, the dress is here,” Doisy yelped, “You better get reody now. ” “Tell Adrien thot I need on hour,” Emmeline soid. “An hour?” Doisy refuted her, “Isn’t your ceremony going to stort ot nine shorp?” “So whot if we ore going to be lote for holf on hour?” Emmeline frowned, “Is it such o greot trovesty thot I hove overslept?” “You’re olwoys right,” Benjomin felt o heodoche, “This is just on engogement, onywoy. It’s not like you’re going to morry for reol now. There won’t be ony problem if you ore lote

However, things were sort of different today. He was waiting for his precious Emma today. Emmeline was going to be his fiancee, and she was going to be the other of his three children

. Adrien was happy to wait, no matter how long she was taking. As long as Emmeline would make herself look pretty and go into engagement with him, he was happy to wait for as long as possible! As Adrien thought about how pretty Emmeline would appear to be soon, he could not help lavishing in joy. How did he end up with such good luck? Not only he had three children now, but he could also marry a beautiful wife as well. He must have rescued the world in his past life, and he was reaping what he had sowed in this life. … At the same time, Abel who was in fact the lucky one woke up from his short nap. He checked his phone. It was already past eight o’clock. He got up and went into the washroom to wash himself. After making himself presentable, he saw that Kendra was in the dining room with her baby. The baby was drinking milk, and her cheeks were all puffed up, which made her look adorable. Abel felt a certain warmth flowing in his heart when he saw this scene. He could not help but feel comforted. “Mr. Abel. ” When Kendra saw that Abel had come down, she quickly got up with the baby still in her arms. “I really have to thank you. You have saved me and my daughter. I will repay you no matter what it takes. ” “Forget about that,” Abel replied, “If you have nowhere to go at the moment, just stay here for now. ” “I won’t stay here for free if that’s the case,” Kendra offered, “I can be a nanny. I am good at doing house chores. ” “That will do,” Abel nodded, “We are lacking such a personnel, in fact. ” “However, I don’t see Timothy around,” Kendra shot a look upstairs, “Is he not here?” “He stays in the Ryker Mansion,” Abel replied, “With my parents. ” “I see…” Suddenly, Kendra looked nervous, “Then, where is Alana staying?”