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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 341

Abel frowned, “Why did you mention her now? You guys have just met each other once. ” “I…” While Kendra was stammering, Luca said, “Mr. Abel, the car and gifts are ready. Can we depart now?” “Let’s go,” Abel nodded. He turned around and said to Kendra, “You and your daughter should hide out here for a while. I will pay you half a year’s worth of salary later on. ” “Thank you, Mr. Abel!” Tears almost came to Kendra’s eyes, “Are you going somewhere today?” “I am going to attend Emmeline’s engagement ceremony,” Abel’s tone suddenly dropped, “It will not be appropriate for me to appear much later than I already have. ” Kendra drew a sharp breath upon hearing that. She asked, “Is Emmeline going to marry soon?” Abel froze for a little as he thought that Kendra was enigmatic. It seemed that she had some interest in both Alana and Emmeline. “But, Mr. Abel…” Kendra probed, “Who is Emmeline going to marry?” “She’s…” Abel would soon lose his cool, “Why are you prying into this so much?” “Mr. Abel,” Kendra was worried, “I can see with my eyes that the two of you love each other. Why aren’t you the one she is going to engage with?” Abel chuckled coldly, “You’re asking too many questions. Perhaps, me and her… we are not meant to be. ” “No way,” Kendra was genuinely worried, “Mr. Abel, Emmeline can’t marry another guy. You’re her one and only lover. ” Luca was paralyzed upon hearing those words. Was something wrong with this woman’s head? She was blatantly announcing that Abel was Emmeline’s lover. Was something wrong with this woman’s head? She was blatantly announcing that Abel was Emmeline’s lover

Emmeline stared at her own face in the mirror, and suddenly, her heart was enveloped by another wave of sadness. Her eyes began to turn red again. It felt like Abel had disappeared into thin air

. There was nothing from him so far. It seemed that he really harbored no feelings toward her now. Emmeline wiped away her tears. She had to stop thinking about him for now. It was time for her engagement ceremony. Since her children belonged to Adrien, then the best she could do was to be a decent mother to her children. She wanted her children to live a life without regret. She wanted them to grow up under their care. Love was not everything in one’s life. There were still kinship, friendship… Emmeline sniffed hard. Benjamin hugged her from behind and said gently, “Let’s go, our princess. We will keep you company no matter what happens. Remember that we will always have your back. ” Emmeline mumbled a reply but she finally could not hold back her tears. She turned around and buried herself in Benjamin’s embrace. “Good girl,” Benjamin patted her back, “You’re just getting engagement, why are you feeling afraid? You’re not like yourself today. ” “You’re right,” Emmeline sobbed, “There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s not like I am going to get executed