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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 342

Emmeline dusted some foundation on her cheeks to cover up the fact that she had been crying. Then, she descended the stairs while holding onto Benjamin’s arm. When the two of them emerged from the glass doors, Adrien eagerly presented a bouquet of flowers to her. “Emma, you’re so pretty today!” “Is that so?” Emmeline answered without any enthusiasm, but her eyes turned into crescent moons as she smiled. “Of course,” Adrien could not contain his excitement, “In my eyes, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, Emma!” “That’s too disgusting to hear!” Emmeline clicked her tongue jokingly. Adrien, who was dressed in a suit, knew how to sweet-talk a woman. “Mr. Adrien,” Benjamin handed Emmeline’s hand to him, “You should try to be more down to earth in the future. Words mean nothing. You should show your love through actions. ” “You’re absolutely right about that,” Adrien showed agreement immediately, “I have already promised Emma that I would turn over a new leaf and be a good man. I will bring a life of abundant happiness to her and the children!” “Glad to hear that,” Benjamin said, “I give you my best wishes!” “Thank you, Mr. Benjamin!” Adrien shook his hand. After giving Emmeline the flowers, Adrien took her hand and put it around his arm. A lot of them crossed the road to the car park opposite the street. After getting into the Rolls Royce Wraith, Adrien really felt like he was the happiest man in the world. He was a winner in life. Not Adam, and certainly not Abel! Benjamin drove his silver Bentley, and he followed them from behind. Two cars that contained bodyguards took the tail of their cars. Two cars that contained bodyguards took the tail of their cars. They were all heading to the Nimbus Hotel. There was already a red carpet that stretched all the way to the entrance

Julianna was out of choices. She simply accepted the situation and decided to attend the engagement with her husband. Even Adam was here

. He was in full black, which gave him an ominous aura. He was larger than he seemed normal. Quite many women at the scene were lavishing on his handsomeness. Adam was actually feeling proud of his look today. However, he tried not to let it show. When his gaze was set on Adrien who was leading Emmeline who was as pretty as always and had an amazing, alluring figure, he felt that no matter how handsome he was today, it would never be enough. That was because Emmeline, his one and only crush, did not choose him in the end. To put it brutally, she did not even consider him in the first place. Adam could not stop himself from getting overcome with dejection and resentment. Suddenly, he did not feel so good anymore. He took out a cigar and put it in between his lips, trying to blow some steam. His assistant automatically came over to light up his cigar. Adrien held Emmeline and the two of them entered the hotel while getting cheered on by the guests. He was smugly making his way toward the main hall. After some speech by the host, Adrien produced a huge diamond ring from his pocket. “Emma,” He said dreamily, “If you accept my proposal and take this ring, you will be my fiancee from now on. How are you feeling?”