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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 344

Just when Adrien was about to hold her, Abel did that ahead of him. He pulled her into his arms. “Emma, that is why you can’t engage with Adrien. ” “Abel, what the hell are you doing?” Adrien was furious, “I am going to marry Emma soon. Why are you trying to ruin things at the last minute?” “That’s because you’re not the triplets father!” Abel revealed, “So it’s a mistake that you’re marrying Emma!” Adrien lashed out with his fist but it was caught by Abel. Abel twisted his hand and immediately, Adrien was yapping with pain. “Abel,” Emmeline’s face was unperturbed, “You are spouting nonsense now just to stop me? How can you bring along Kendra just to say some nonsense?” “Emma…” Abel was flustered. After all, the revelation sounded like a conjecture on Kendra’s part. At least for now. Despite that, Abel had no doubt that Kendra was speaking the truth. “Emmeline,” Kendra tried to solidify her argument, “I have no reason to deceive you. Every single word that I said is true. Don’t be fooled, the father of your children is none other than Abel. ” Emmeline stared at this woman, and deep in her heart, she did not know what to believe anymore. However, some invisible force was trying to make her believe Kendra, and for some reason she slowly found Kendra believable. No matter what she said was true or not, she could not engage with Adrien now. She must find out the truth first

See, things are really turning ugly right now!” “This is really an unforunate circumstance for us!” Landed pointed at Adrien furiously, “You unfilial son, you’re trying to make me angry!” “How can you blame me?” Adrien howled, “It’s all Abel’s fault!” “If you listen to your mother in the first place, things wouldn’t have turned out like this!” “But Emma is the only woman I love! I can’t accept anyone else!” “Adam!” He was crying out for his brother, “Why are you doing nothing? My Emma is going to get snatched away by Abel!” “She’s not yours anyway!” Adam was gritting his teeth too. Abel and Emmeline had brought ultimate humiliation to his family. How could Adam swallow this hard pill? To make things worse, Adam was the eldest child! So he would be the one who lost face the most! This was really unacceptable! Adam was clenching his fists so hard that his bones were clacking audibly

. … Abel brought Emmeline all the way to the Precipice. Benjamin arrived soon after. Emmeline was circling around the living room while holding the tail of her wedding dress. “Kendra, tell me everything!” “I have already made myself clear,” Kendra was cooing to her baby. “On the 6th of October five years ago, I was the intern nurse who attended your case. ” “I see,” Emmeline nodded as her memories of Kendra slowly came to her. At that time, she remembered a nurse with small stature who had a ponytail. “When you went into labor at that time, nobody was around you. It was me who had kept you company all the way. ” Emmeline sniffed loudly. She could vividly see that image which was from that time. It was a moment in her life where she was the most helpless. It was a difficult phase in her life. “At eleven, close to midnight, the first child you gave birth to was a boy…”