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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 346

“It was your daddy who saved me and my daughter,” Kendra smiled warmly at him, “I am the one who should be grateful to you guys. ” “Don’t be too polite,” Timothy replied, but his tone suddenly turned serious, “You were the one who took me in when I had nowhere to go. ” “I almost made a grave mistake back then. You were almost taken away by human traffickers. I will still feel terrified whenever I thought about that possibility. Think about it, where would you end up if that really happened?” “That’s not on you,” Timothy consoled her, “It’s that old hag’s fault. You don’t need to put the blame on yourself. ” “Yeah,” Kendra nodded, “Luckily, that old hag was in prison now. That human trafficker was caught soon after. ” “The other kids were saved as well,” Timothy chipped in happily. “You are right,” Kendra nodded fervently, “It’s all thanks to your dad, or else, those kids would live a miserable life. ” “You should just stick with us from now on,” Timothy suggested, “That way, you and your daughter will never need to suffer again. ” Kendra’s tears trickled down her cheeks once again. She thought that it was such a good idea that she could not stop nodding. Emmeline came down again after getting a change of clothes. The triplets all rushed toward her. “Mommy!” Sun was pouting, “Didn’t you tell me that you’re going to get engaged with Adrien?” “It’s canceled,” Emmeline replied to him, “I need to find out the truth first. ” “The truth?” Moon asked curiously, “What truth are you talking about?” “I know what she’s talking about,” Star’s eyes were sparkling, “Mommy must want to find out who is our real daddy. ” “Didn’t I tell you that it is Adrien?” Sun pouted again, “But Mommy doesn’t believe me. ” “Didn’t I tell you that it is Adrien?” Sun pouted again, “But Mommy doesn’t believe me

Benjamin sealed it again and wrote Abel and Helios’ names. After everything was said and done, Benjamin announced, “Emma and Mr. Abel should go test together

. Everyone else should stay here to look after the children. ” “I will stay behind,” Luca volunteered, “Just to make sure I can attend to anyone who comes to the Meriwether Mansion. ” “You guys all stay put,” Abel warned, “I have a hunch that someone would pay the mansion a visit. ” “Alright, then,” Luca complied. He knew Abel’s concerns immediately. Everything was ready. Benjamin fetched both Abel and Emmeline and they were headed to the city area. They reached the Grand Struyria Hospital, and they immediately dashed to the DNA Testing Department. After submitting their particulars, Benjamin paid extra so that his application would be prioritized. All so that they could see the result as soon as possible. After an hour, the paternity test finally concluded. Everyone waited with bated breath. Benjamin’s brows were furrowed deeply. He first unsealed the file that contained Helios’ information. Abel took the ones that had Timothy and Emmeline’s data. Abel only needed to sneak a glance at the documents for him to turn around to hug Emmeline wholeheartedly. “Emma, my dear Emma… I am so sorry…”