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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 348

“You have a point,” Sun agreed, “Then, I must be born right after you. ” “That means that Star and Moon were born last,” Moon concluded. “Alana must have carried me to Daddy,” Timothy was howling with indignation, “She must have pretended that she had given birth to me. ” “She is really a bad woman!” Sun was vehement. “That’s right,” Moon clenched his fists, “Don’t ever let me see her face to face, or else she would know hell!” “We will avenge Timothy!” Star suggested, “We won’t allow her to get near Daddy anymore!” “She must be that human trafficker!” Kendra joined the fray, “Indeed, Timothy was the firstborn at that time, and then he was gone without a trace. ” “Daddy and Mommy should call the police,” Timothy’s face was red with frustration, “We must make sure Alana is arrested by the police. ” “Thank god,” Daisy was wiping her tears now, “We can put down our worries now. The triplets can finally get as far away as possible from Adrien who tried to be your daddy. ” “Mommy, you don’t need to be sad anymore,” Sun said, “You have true feelings for Abel in the first place. ” “Yeah,” Moon quipped, “But Mommy chose Adrien just now, all for our sake. ” “That’s because you thought that Adrien is our daddy,” Star tried to make the situation clear, “Mommy, you’re just sacrificing yourself. ” “Mommy is really awesome!” Timothy exclaimed, “I finally have a mommy!” … Alana could not stop sneezing at that moment. Of course, she would not know that it was Timothy and his siblings who were badmouthing her non-stop. She simply thought that she could not let Abel cancel their wedding just like that. It was Oscar who bore witness to their vow in marriage. Alana played with that thought before getting a change of clothes. Then, she headed out. Alana played with that thought before getting a change of clothes. She no longer stayed in the hospital ever since Abel exposed her for faking her injury. Indeed, she was going to die of boredom if she continued to stay in the hospital. That was because she could not go out shopping and doll herself up like usual. Today was the day of Adrien and Emmeline’s engagement

“Granddad,” Alana produced a smile when she saw Oscar who was in sports attire. “I have specially brought you some traditional confectionery. ” “I see

. Thank you,” Oscar nodded. Ever since Alana had taken the bullet for Abel, Oscar had been seeing her in a different light. Otherwise, he would not have allowed her to enter the residence. “Have a seat in there,” Oscar waved his hand and signaled for her to follow. Then, he made his way into the main building. Alana responded and followed him from behind while holding those cakes and pastries. Oscar sat down on a sofa when they reached the living room. Alana was very familiar with formalities. She immediately served him some tea that the butler had boiled. “Granddad, please have some tea. ” “Alright,” Oscar nodded satisfactorily. He was leaning more toward Alana being his granddaughter-in-law with how she was behaving. “Come, say it,” Oscar put down his tea, “What favor do you want to ask of me?” “I am not in a rush,” Alana served him some confectionery, “I know that you love this confectionery from the town. They were freshly baked. Please have some. ” “You’re really a good girl,” Oscar smiled ruefully, “If Abel could marry you, he would be the fortunate one here. ” “But, Granddad,” Alana looked at the floor, and she began to sob. “What?” Oscar furrowed his brow, “Did Abel bully you?”