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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 349

Alana wiped her tears, “Abel was brainwashed by Emmeline, and he threatened to cancel our wedding. I am beyond sad. If that happens, I would have no right to be here and to be filial to you anymore. ” “Emmeline again?” Oscar was livid, “Why is she trying to create trouble everywhere I go?” “I just want Abel to be with me more. ” Alana continued her persuasion, “However, Emmeline claimed that I was not horribly injured, so that made Abel angry. He threatened to cancel our wedding just because of that. ” “He’s really out of his mind!” Oscar’s face darkened, “This bastard is more and more unruly as the day drags on. I am the one who oversees your marriage, but he still dares to defy me?” “I’m feeling so wronged,” Alana continued to sob, “I have given birth to Timothy for him, and I have taken a bullet for him either, and lost another child in the process. Granddad, you need to help me, you’re my only hope!” “Alright, stop crying,” Oscar waved his hand with a hideous expression on his face, “I don’t like to see women crying and sobbing like this. ” Only then Alana stopped crying. This was because she did not actually cry out to her heart’s content, so once Oscar stopped her, she was able to cut it short. “Fabian,” Oscar instructed his butler, “Give Abel, that bastard, call. Tell him that I need to see him. ” “Roger, Old Mr. Ryker,” Fabian quickly complied

It was impossible for him to stop crying since sadness continued to torture him from within. He tried not to make any sound, but it was clear that he could not stop sobbing. It felt even more painful for him since he could not cry to vent his sadness

. Oscar frowned, “So, what happened? Who snatched away your wife?” “Of course, it’s Abel!” Adrien’s sobbing was obscuring his words, “There’s no one else who would do that!” Alana immediately jolted up from the sofa. “Abel went and snatched Emmeline?” Only then did Adrien finally see that she was also here, but he did not have any time to pay attention to her. Alana’s face turned pale. She could feel her heart pounding against her rib cage. If Abel snatched away Emmeline, that meant the engagement between her and Adrien had been called off. That would mean that her competitor in love had returned. Things had taken a turn for the worse! “Granddad,” Alana broke into a cry for real this time, “You must stand up for me since Emmeline still doesn’t want to give up at this hour. She is even seducing Abel as we speak! Why is my life so hard…” Adrien cried even louder the moment he heard that. “Enough!” Oscar stood up angrily, “Stop making a big fuss! You guys really bring misfortune to me!” Both Adrien and Alana clammed up once they saw that Oscar was really mad. “Fabian!” Oscar raised his brows, “Summon that damned Abel. Call up Landen and Julianna too! What kind of a son that they have raised now? I really need to teach them a lesson!” Oscar finally sat back down, but he was in a foul mood with that terrible expression on his face. He was frustrated that he still needed to attend to such problems even though he was already in his twilight years