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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 350

Fabian immediately went to get his phone. In no time, Landen and Julianna arrived at the scene. They did not look so good when they made their appearances. Oscar roared, “You only know to pull that face. Why are you so arrogant and smug when things are going well if you’re going to pull that kind of face now?” “Dad,” Landen began, “You can’t pin the blame on us. It was all Abel’s fault. ” “That’s right,” Julianna argued, “The engagement was going smoothly, and Abel suddenly barged in and took away Emmeline. ” “He really has the guts to defy me now, huh?” Oscar was fuming as he glared at them, “He really doesn’t respect us anymore!” “You shouldn’t let him take control of the Ryker Group in the first place,” Julianna shot a look at Oscar, “See how spoiled is he now? He would really climb over your head later on!” “Hmm?” Oscar glared at her, “Are you complaining about the ways your husband is raising Abel then?” Julianna shivered and immediately denied, “Dad, that’s not what I mean!” “Then what do you mean?” Oscar was fuming again. “I’m saying that if Adam is the one calling the shots in the Ryker Group, Abel would not be so arrogant right now!” Julianna explained. “Do you think I don’t know how Adam would turn out?” Oscar roared, “I’m not senile, you know

Abel does not even care about you!” “How dare you!” Alana was at her limits. “Shut up, all of you!” Oscar roared, “When Abel is here, I will make sure to shun that damned woman. Look at you guys, you’re all fighting amongst each other because of her! We need someone like Alana who is understanding and demure!” “Hmph!” Alana agreed smugly, “I agree with that!” However, Julianna said disdainfully, “You are not even comparable to Emmeline!” “Granddad,” Adrien cried out, “You can’t shun her, she’s my wife

. ” “Do you know who calls the shots in this family?” “But she’s my wife!” “Your wife has eloped with Abel,” Oscar really wanted to hit someone right now, “Abel is the one who’s deciding things for you. Realize the truth!” “Dad,” Rosaline’s voice came from the door, “Did Abel rile you up again?” Landen and Julinanna cut her off. “Dad,” Landen began, “We will teach Abel a lesson ourselves. You don’t need to get all mad like that. Please take care of your health. ” “I don’t ask for much,” Oscar was vehement, “Ask him to return Emmeline to Adrien. I can’t tolerate a man in our family who would snatch his brother’s wife!”