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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 351

“Dad, please calm down,” Landen walked briskly to him and kneeled down next to Oscar, “I have just heard of what happened. I will make sure to teach that damned brat a lesson. Please calm down for now. ” “This is such a humiliation to our family!” Julianna rolled her eyes at Rosaline, “For such a seductress to get into our family!” “Who are you throwing shade at right now?” Rosaline sneered at Julianna, “You can’t even watch over your daughter-in-law, yet you’re blaming us?” “Isn’t this Abel’s fault?” Julianna was livid, “Emmeline should marry Adrien no matter what. It was Able who barged in and snatched away Emmeline. ” Rosaline had an anguished look on her face, “When Abel returns, we will make him return Emmeline to you guys. We never want that kind of woman!” “Emmeline is my lover!” Suddenly, a strong and crisp voice overpowered every noise in the living room, “Nobody can decide anything for me!” Everyone look at the door and saw that Abel had arrived. Emmeline was holding Abel by his arms, and she was especially charming and alluring. She immediately became the center of attention in the room. Behind them, the triplets and Timothy were holding hands. “Abel,” Alana pounced at him, “Why are you still with that vixen? Granddad is so angry right now!” “Get lost!” Abel kicked her hard, “Who do you think you are?” “Abel, how can you do this to me?” Alana crashed to the floor, and she was astonished. “Abel!” Oscar stood up in anger, “We never tolerate a man who would lay a finger on a woman in our family!” “Abel!” Oscar stood up in anger, “We never tolerate a man who would lay a finger on a woman in our family!” “I’m already showing her mercy with my light kicking!” Abel came over with Emmeline and the four children. “Granddad, don’t get fooled by this woman

” “. ” Everyone sank into silence. Only then Alana saw that Abel had handed two paternity test reports to Oscar

. Her face immediately turned place as she cowered on the floor. Cold sweat had formed on her skin. Could it be that Abel had found out the truth? What was going on? How did he find out the truth? And it seemed that he had done a new set of paternity tests as well. Alana got up and wanted to break into a run, but she was stopped by Abel’s bodyguard. She was thrown back onto the floor. “Abel,” Adrien’s voice was shaking, “What’s going on here? How do you suddenly turn into the father of my sons?” “Adrien,” Abel glared at him with a solemn expression, “That’s because I am their real father. We are all cheated by Alana!” “Abel!” Rosalina was ecstatic, “Is that true? Is that true that the triplets are not Adrien’s sons, but they are yours?” “Yes!” Abel nodded, “They are all indeed mine. ” “That proves my suspicion all along!” Rosalina exclaimed, “I know that you are allergic to kiwi, and the same goes with Hesperus. What’s more, only your bone marrow matches him, and it is no wonder. That’s because you are really his father!”