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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 352

“That’s right,” Abel was teary-eyed, “Five years ago, that woman was none other than Emmeline, not Alana. Alana has lied to us in the past five years!” “But my paternity test reports told me otherwise? What’s going on?” Rosaline was confused. “That’s because Alana has pulled some petty tricks!” Abel kicked Alana who was still on the floor, “Shouldn’t you come clean now?” “I…” Alana was wailing, “I am innocent! I don’t know anything. Granddad, you need to stand up for me!” “Abel,” Oscar shouted, “Did you forge these reports? So that you can take back Emmeline? You really have some dirty tricks up your sleeve!” “Granddad, do you think that’s possible?” Abel laughed coldly, “If you don’t believe me, we can do another test anytime. We will be with you all the way!” His words rendered Oscar speechless. “We will also introduce you to someone!” Abel said, “He was the one who forged fake reports for Alana in the past. He was an accomplice who deceived us with Alana!” “Who is that?” Oscar asked. “Luca!” Abel shouted, “Bring that bastard up here!” In no time, Luca led Cristopher in and made him kneel on the floor. When Alana saw that Cristopher was here, she knew that everything had gone up in smokes. She even almost peed herself. Oscar recognized this man. He frowned, “Cristopher, do you know everything all along?” “Old Mr

Adrien,” Christopher wailed, “Don’t blame me. It was all Alana’s fault!” “Alana!” Adrien was livid, “There’s no rule that a man couldn’t hit a woman in this house! I will make sure to destroy you!” “Yes, we need to kill her!” Julianna was screaming at the top of her lungs, “This ugly woman, how can you do this to our Adrien? Do you think Adrien can be bullied as you please? Don’t forget that I am always backing him up!” The two of them continued to punch and kick Alana, and in no time, Alana was bruised all over. “It’s my fault, okay?” Alana was kneeling on the floor and crying, “I beg you, don’t hit me anymore

. ” “About Alana’s miscarriage,” Christopher continued, “That’s my child, you know. Alana didn’t want the truth to get out, so she purposely took the bullet for Mr. Abel so that my child would be gone conveniently. ” “You damned woman!” Oscar joined in the kicking this time, “You are using my kindness against me! It turns out that you dare to lie to me as well!” “Forgive me, granddad,” Alana wailed, “That’s because I love Abel too much. ” “Damn you,” Oscar cut her off, “Do you think your actions are out of love! You’re just pulling dirty tricks here and there!” The moment Alana saw that Oscar would not side with her anymore, she knew that her time was up. “Emmeline!” She clambered up from the floor and said, “I want you to go down with me. I can’t bear to see you living a good life!” Abel stood in front of Emmeline, and he struck at her, sending her to the floor again