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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 353

"Alana. " Emmeline turned pale with anger. "I don't want to hit you. It'll dirty my hands, but you haven't told me who your accomplice is. You stole my son when he was just born. Do you know how much my heart hurts when I heard about this? Timmy has no mother's love for more than four years!" Timothy started to cry and said to Alana, "You also abused me! When I was kidnapped, I went out after receiving your text message. You almost killed me but threatened me not to tell anyone. " Rosaline slapped Alana again and shouted, "I knew you were scheming and dishonest! I never thought you'd been hiding so deeply all these years!" Emmeline continued, "Alana, tell me. Who stole Timmy? Or did you steal him yourself?" "Of course! I didn't do that myself!" Alana sneered. "You can blame Alondra! She instigated me to do that!" "Alondra?" Emmeline sneered. "Sure enough! As I expected, you two have cooperated!" Alana said, "Abel was announced to be in charge of the Ryker Group five years ago. I drugged him during the banquet that day. But I didn't expect Abel to enter your room by accident. Later, Alondra found out that you were pregnant. She gave me an idea to steal Timothy and say I'm his mother. " "You two are despicable!" Emmeline scolded angrily, "So Alondra knew I was pregnant with Abel's child?" "I told her about that. I saw Abel enter your room. Do you know how anxious I was? You disrupted my plan. " "I told her about that

"Ah!" Adrien burst into tears. "God! Why are you kidding me like that?" Emmeline said, "But before I know the truth, I'm serious about choosing you. " Upon hearing that, Adrien stopped crying abruptly

. He stared at Emmeline in a daze. "If the triplets were my kids, you'd marry me, right?" "Yes. " Emmeline nodded. "I'll be responsible for my children, so don't blame me. I only choose my children's biological father. Unfortunately, you're not. " "I didn't blame you. " Adrien held Emmeline's hand again. "You're a good woman. You're different from any woman I have been in contact with over the years. I only blame Alana. She caused me misfortune and made me happy for nothing. ” "Don't be discouraged. " Emmeline's eyes were also reddish. "After you get rid of your bad habits and become a good man, you'll also meet a good girl who will marry and have children with you. "