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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 354

Adrien nodded. "Emma, ​​thank you!" "Adrien!" Julianna yelled angrily, "No need to thank her! She's Abel's woman!" "Emma. " Abel hugged Emmeline's shoulders and kissed her forehead. "It's none of our business here. Let's go home. " Emmeline pursed her lips and nodded. "Yes, let's go home," Timothy said, then waved to Oscar. "Goodbye, Great-grandfather. " Oscar waved. "Goodbye, Timmy. " The children followed Abel and turned around. Oscar said solemnly, "Wait a minute. Why are you three so rude?" The triplets knew Oscar was mentioning them. Helios turned around first, then pouted. "Are you still blaming Daddy and Mommy?" Oscar shook his head. "Okay. Goodbye, Great-grandfather. " Helios waved. As soon as he took the lead, Endymion and Hesperus also turned around to say goodbye to Oscar. Oscar finally revealed a slight smile. Rosaline whispered to Lewis happily, "Hubby, that's great! We have four grandsons!" "Emmeline is a lucky star. " Lewis patted the back of Rosaline's hand. "We have to reward her well

" Adam snorted coldly. "Imperial Palace didn't open for nothing for so many years!" Alana felt a lot more at ease. Adam had relationships in the underworld, so he must settle everything, or he would not be so calm

. Then, Adam said, "Don't worry. I've already settled it. We won't be related in the murder case of Brookwater Village. " Alana breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good! The rest isn't a big deal. Only about stealing Emmeline's child. I can pay the fines and find someone to settle it. " "Well, settle that matter yourself. I won't show up. It's trivial. " Alana said, "But Mr. Adam, I have nowhere to go now. Can you take me in?" "Take you in?" Adam sneered. "I don't raise idlers here!" "I won't stay for nothing. I'll seek revenge on Abel and Emmeline. Isn't that exactly what you need?" Adam pondered and thought Alana was still usable in his plan. "Okay then. " Adam took a puff on his cigar. "Come to the Imperial Palace and find me. "