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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 355

Adam's phone rang once more after his conversation with Alana ended. He glanced at the phone screen and saw it was a call from his father. Adam furrowed his brows. His father was a man of few words and rarely called him. Adam had to take the call because he sensed something was wrong. "Dad. " "Adam!" Landen's anxious voice came from the phone, "Your mother is in poor condition. She has now been taken to the hospital. You need to head over to the hospital right away. " Adam became nervous, and he answered, "All right, I'll be there right away. " Julianna was taken to the hospital while she was unconscious. Once she arrived, she was immediately taken to the emergency room. "What happened?" Adam asked Adrien. Adrien's complexion turned horrifyingly pale. First, Emmeline became Abel's, and now Mom is unconscious. Why am I having such terrible luck today? Adrien sniffed and explained, "She's unconscious because of Abel's family! Abel won the heart of a beauty, and Levan Mansion unexpectedly gained four great-grandsons. Their family was so proud of themselves, but Mom got so mad. She suffered a heart attack and lost consciousness. " "Crack!" Adam clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. He said in a low voice, "Abel, you just wait!" … On the other hand, Abel, Emmeline, and their four sons were sitting in the extended Rolls-Royce. When Abel saw his beautiful wife and sons, he could not help but smile. The dawn actually arrived during the darkest times. When the dark clouds dispersed, dawn would arrive. Abel had never been happier than he was now, but he did not show his emotions on his face

Louise, what about the incident in Brookwater Village? It concerned three lives. " Abel said, "Luca had spoken to Inspector Charles about it. They will start the investigation with Alana

. " Kendra said, "Don’t forget the matter where they stole the babies back then. We can't forgive them!" Emmeline said, "I already know who the culprit is. I’ll file a report with the police. " "Yes," Kendra said angrily, "those who hurt children should be severely punished!" Emmeline's phone suddenly rang. It just so happened that it was a call from Alondra. Emmeline sneered slightly. Auntie Alondra would give me a call at this time because she had caught wind of the situation. Alana is in deep shit, but she still managed to alert Auntie Alondra. I suppose she wanted to find a breakthrough through Alondra to help her get away from this disaster. The phone rang several times before Emmeline finally answered the call. Alondra's shriek immediately came through the phone. She pleaded, "You can't turn me over to the police, Emma, my sweet girl. Your father will suffer as well if I am sued and imprisoned. You should think of your father, if not for my benefit. Emma, please spare me. I know I made a mistake, and I deeply regret it. Sob, sob, sob!" Emmeline snarled, "Auntie Alondra, you finally realize you have made a mistake. Why didn't you anticipate this day coming when you were torturing me back then? "Alana had told you the truth from the beginning. Even though you were aware that I was carrying Abel's child, you nevertheless drove me out of the house so I could give birth to the child outside and benefit your niece. Alondra, you are truly cunning!"