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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 356

"Emma, it's all Alana's plan. That day when she saw Abel enter your room, she came to me crying and asking me what to do…" Alondra said while crying. "So you two were working together! I know how much I suffered, so I won't forgive you! A lawsuit will be waiting for you!" Emmeline said angrily. After she finished speaking, she gritted her phone with bloodshot eyes. Thinking of how Alondra and Alana had lied to her for five years, she wished she could strangle them to death. "Emma, don't get angry because of them. " Abel pulled Emmeline, who was trembling, into his embrace. He continued, "I'll accompany you to the police station to report them. We can't let them go for kidnapping Timothy. " "Mmhm. " Emmeline nodded in his embrace. Abel's warm embrace made her feel at ease. "I know you've suffered all these years. Don't worry, I'll make it up for you. I'll accompany you and the children for the rest of your lives and never let you suffer," Abel said as he stroked her hair. "You must remember what you said, but what if you don't keep your word?" Emmeline raised her head to look at him. "When have I not kept my word? Do you think of me as such a person?" Abel laughed. "Well, now and then

" "How dare you quibble? We already have four children, so we can consider ourselves married. Who'd dare say that we aren't a couple?" Abel said with a cold expression. Emmeline was rendered speechless

. "But…" As she was about to say that they had yet to register for marriage yet, Abel interrupted her. He whispered in her ear, "Be good and call me 'Hubby'. " Emmeline immediately blushed and said, "No!" "Who else can call me that other than you? I'll only allow you to call me that. " Abel hugged her. Emmeline became embarrassed and hit him lightly. "Be serious! What if other people see us?" "Is there anyone else here? Isn't it just the two of us in this living room?" Abel laughed. Only then did Emmeline look around and realize they were the only ones there. It seemed like everyone had hidden away, not willing to watch them being all lovey-dovey. Even the four children had gone upstairs to play. Abel immediately pulled Emmeline into his embrace and kissed him. As Abel was immersed in their love, Emmeline's phone rang and interrupted their kiss. He raised his head reluctantly and frowned. "Who is it?" Emmeline took her phone out and saw that it was Alondra