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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 357

"Has she not given up yet? I've already made it clear to her," Emmeline said unhappily. Her phone continued ringing, so she had no choice but to answer the call. "Alandra, I don't want to argue with you anymore. Just wait for legal punishment. " "Emma, your father has fainted. He won't wake up no matter how I pinch him. Hurry up and come over!" Alondra said while crying. Emmeline was taken aback. Could it be that her father was having a stroke again? However, he had already been treated, right? "What's the matter, Emma?" Abel noticed Emmeline's anxious expression. "It's my father. He might be having a stroke again, so I need to see him. " Emmeline put away her phone. "I'll accompany you and drive you there," Abel said. "Mmhm. " Emmeline nodded. Abel picked up his coat on the couch and left with Emmeline. "Ms. Louise, what's the matter?" Daisy asked from upstairs. "Cook for the children. I need to go to the Louise family's residence

"Maxwell, please stay safe! How can I survive if anything were to happen to you? We've been together for half our lives, so you can't abandon me and leave…" Emmeline rushed to the living room and angrily said, "Alondra, what are you saying? My father isn't dead yet!" "Isn't dead? Maxwell, why aren't you waking up if you're not dead yet?" Maxwell lay on the couch with his eyes closed, not moving at all. "Make way! Let me see my father!" Emmeline grabbed Alondra. Alondra's neck was grabbed, so she could only stand at a side

. Emmeline quickly checked her father's pulse, and her face darkened. "How is it, Emma? Should we go to the hospital?" Abel ran in after parking the car. "No need. Bring him to the crematorium," Emmeline angrily said. Abel was taken aback. Was Maxwell already dead? Maxwell had not even met Abel, his official son-in-law. Suddenly, Maxwell moved a little. Abel was shocked. Could it be that the corpse had revived? Emmeline said with a serious expression, "Dad, are you going to get up? I'll count to three. If you don't wake up, I'll bring you to the crematorium!" "One… Two…" "Sigh, holding my breath is so hard. I'd almost died. " Maxwell immediately opened his eyes. "You're still pretending? You made me come back to watch your act?" Emmeline asked. "Emma, I'm not acting. I'm using my actions to tell you that if you really send Alondra to jail, it's equivalent to sending me to a crematorium," Maxwell said with a bitter expression. Emmeline was rendered speechless. "Emma, it's my fault, but Timothy is back with you now, so please forgive me," Alondra said while wiping her tears