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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 358

"Why should I forgive you?" Emmeline's eyes were brimming with tears. "You kicked me out of the house and stole my eldest son. How much suffering have I endured because of you?" Smack! Alondra harshly slapped herself twice. "Auntie Alondra apologizes to you, I punish myself for you. Emma, can't you just let it go?" "Exactly, Emma," Maxwell chimed in. "At least Auntie Alondra didn't sell the child to someone else. She gave him to Mr. Abel, who is his biological father. It's not like she kidnapped him or anything. " "For me, it's still kidnapping!" Emmeline fumed. "She separated my son and me for over four years. If she isn't brought to justice, I won't be able to swallow this injustice!" "But if you insist on seeking justice, Dad won't be able to swallow it either," Abel interjected, his brows furrowed. "Mr. Louise," Abel continued, "You can't just think about yourself. Have you considered the impact this will have on your daughter?" "Mr. Abel," Maxwell nearly fell off the couch. "That old woman deceived me back then. If I had known Emma was pregnant with your child, how could I have let her go?" "What are you trying to say, Dad?" Emmeline sneered. "Are you trying to pin my child on Abel?" Maxwell remained silent, knowing that was exactly what he had been thinking

" Emmeline turned to look at the man beside her, her big eyes blinking. "What's up?" Abel pinched her small cheek. "Am I too handsome for my wife?" Emmeline burst out laughing

. "I was just thinking, how did the devil suddenly change his ways?" "That's because I suddenly feel that God has been especially kind to me," Abel smiled tenderly at her. "So I want to treat all living beings with kindness. " "Hahaha," Emmeline couldn't hold back her laughter. "Abel, you're so cheesy. " "I'm serious," Abel held her tightly. "I'm afraid it's all just a dream, and when I wake up, you and our three children won't be by my side. " "Let me teach you how to distinguish between reality and dreams," Emmeline said. "Sure," Abel eagerly agreed. Emmeline reached out and twisted his thigh hard. "Ow, that hurts!" Abel yelled. "Do you know it hurts?" Emmeline slyly smiled. "If it hurts, it means it's not a dream!" "You sneaky Emmeline!" Abel grabbed her and planted a deep kiss on her luscious lips. After a long while, Emmeline murmured, "It's swollen and hurts. " Only then did Abel reluctantly release her. Emmeline angrily glanced at the rearview mirror and saw her mouth was now swollen like a pig's. "Ah! Abel, how am I supposed to go home and see our children like this?" she exclaimed