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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 359

Abel turned Emmeline's face towards him and saw that her lips were swollen. Did he kiss her that hard? He didn't even notice, he just felt the sweetness of it all. Emmeline's lips were as sweet as honey. He wanted to kiss her again and again. "Here, have a mask. " Abel opened his hand box and took out a mask. "If you ever dare to make fun of your husband again, this will be your punishment, and. " Abel leaned in towards Emmeline, menacingly saying, "There will be even harsher. punishment!" Emmeline took a sharp breath, feeling as though the man next to her had transformed back into a hellish demon. "What do you mean by 'even harsher punishment'?" she timidly asked. "What do you want to do to your wife?" "What do you think?" Abel huskily whispered into her ear, sending shivers down her spine. Even harsher punishment? Emmeline suddenly understood, and her once-alluring face instantly flushed with embarrassment. "Abel, you're so dirty!" "You're my wife, how is that dirty?" Abel chuckled, leaning over to help her fasten her seatbelt before starting the sports car and heading back to The Precipice. Daisy and Kendra had already prepared dinner and everyone was just beginning to eat. Emmeline was now in a dilemma. What was she going to do about her swollen lips? Her lips were swollen like a pig's mouth, and if the four children and Daisy saw her like this, especially Luca and his buddies, her face would be ruined. Abel, Abel! Emmeline looked at him with a pitiful expression. Was he happy now? Unfortunately, at that moment, Timothy spoke up: "Mommy, you're already inside, why are you still wearing a mask?" "I. " Emmeline hurriedly replied, "I caught a cold outside and I'm afraid of infecting you guys

Did you and Daddy do something naughty?" "Hahaha," Endymion burst into laughter, "but we can't reveal the truth, can we?" "But what is something naughty?" Endymion asked, a mischievous glint in his eye. "Something like kissing Mommy and making her lips all puffy?" ". " Daisy widened her eyes in shock

. ". " Kendra was also taken aback. ". " Luca and the others exchanged glances in confusion. "Ah!" Emmeline covered her face and ran upstairs. "Emma," Abel hurriedly followed, "they've already guessed it, why are you so shy?" "Bang!" Emmeline slammed the door and locked Abel outside. "Don't let me see you, it's all your fault!" "Emma," Abel coaxed from outside the door, "I'm your husband, you can't lock me out on the first day, it's not a good omen. " "Really?" Emmeline asked through the closed door. "But we're not even married yet?" "But today is still a reunion day for our family, isn't it?" Abel patiently coaxed. "Do you really want to keep us apart?" Emmeline thought about it for a moment. She wanted good luck on her side, and she couldn't bear to be separated from this man. God knows how much she wanted to be with him. With that thought, Emmeline opened the door. Abel walked in and picked Emmeline up in his arms, tossing her onto the bed