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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 361

"Come on, eat up, eat up," Abel coaxed, holding her upright and spooning food into her mouth. By the end of the meal, Emmeline was satiated and comfortably cradled in Abel's lap. But even after that, she was still too embarrassed to leave the room. Her mouth and face were marked by the evidence of Abel's "attack". She couldn't bear the thought of being seen by anyone after what Abel had done to her. The thought of their gossiping about her nonstop made Emmeline cringe, so Abel made his way downstairs alone. An hour later, Abel and Luca emerged from the coffee shop with Emmeline's birth certificate in hand. He had successfully enrolled all three children, including Timothy, in the same daycare. When they returned to the villa, it was already evening, and Emmeline was still sequestered in her bedroom. Abel removed his suit jacket and cupped her face in his hands, planting gentle kisses on her face, which was covered in hickeys and bruises. He regretted being too rough with her and promised himself to be more careful next time. Emmeline's skin was naturally delicate, just like that of a newborn baby, and he needed to treat it as such. Abel couldn't help but worry about hurting Emmeline. "I'm fine," Emmeline pouted. "You made my skin thicker. " Abel laughed, his eyes sparkling with love and indulgence. "I was going to say," Emmeline continued, "if the kids are going to stay here, we need to rearrange their rooms. " "I've thought of that," Abel said, picking her up and holding her on his lap. "Not just their rooms, but also your personal items and clothing

But Abel might think it was just the money she earned from her coffee shop and stunt work. "That's what you call money?" Abel remarked. "You don't need to work so hard, otherwise, what's the point of having me as your husband?" Emmeline thought for a moment and then accepted the bank card

. She decided to give this man some sense of achievement, otherwise, she would seem too contrived. "By the way," Abel said, "Kendra's daughter wants to change her name. What do you think would be a good name?" Emmeline replied, "How should I know?" "Kendra doesn't want to use her ex-husband's surname anymore, and it's making her upset," Abel explained. "Well, how about this," Emmeline suggested, "you can ask if she agrees, and her daughter can be named Quincy Ryker. " "Quincy Ryker?" Abel raised an eyebrow, "Why that name?" "Kendra has been a benefactor to us, and I don't want her child to grow up being bullied. So, she can take your surname, Ryker," Emmeline explained. "Okay," Abel nodded, "They are orphans with a widowed mother. I don't want them to be mistreated. " "Our four children were delivered by Kendra," Emmeline continued, "so it's fate that brought us together. Let's consider her child as our fifth one. " "So it's Quincy Ryker then?" Abel chuckled. "Do you think it's not good?" Emmeline was unhappy. "I think it's great. " "As long as you're happy," Abel kissed her cheek, "I'm okay with anything. " "Okay," Emmeline said, "then it's Quincy Ryker. "