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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 362

The next morning, Emmeline woke up in Abel's embrace. As she opened her eyes, she was greeted by the sight of his chiseled and handsome face. A night of passion had left a hint of stubble on his firm jawline, adding to his already irresistible allure. Emmeline reached out and softly stroked his sexy chin, savoring the feel of his rough whiskers against her fingertips. Suddenly, Abel opened his eyes. "There's danger ahead," he said in a low, husky voice. "Don't tempt me, don't you know it's morning?" "Ah!" Emmeline let out a small cry and pulled her hand back, ready to get up. "Trying to escape?" Abel rolled over and pinned her down, holding her hands above her head. "Last night you said," Emmeline blushed, "that since we're not married, you wouldn't touch me. " "What, you mean I can't even touch you?" Abel teased. "I never said I wasn't going to try. " "You're so annoying!" Emmeline blushed even more and hid her face in the crook of his arm. "So you're really hoping I'll take it to the next level?" Abel chuckled. "Well, I guess I can't disappoint you. " "No, don't!" Emmeline protested. "You don't want to start a fight so early in the morning, do you?" "Start a fight?" Abel's mischievous eyes narrowed as he spoke in a low, husky voice. "What kind of fight are we talking about? I seem to remember you saying you're quite skilled in martial arts. " "Abel!" Emmeline was both embarrassed and indignant, her cheeks turning bright red. "Stop being so inappropriate. " "I'm not inappropriate," Abel protested

Without even realizing it, she leaned into him even more. Abel leaned down to kiss her hair, satisfied with her response. "Kiss me," he murmured hotly in her ear

. "You haven't taken the initiative yet. " Emmeline hesitated, feeling a bit uncomfortable with the idea. "Don't make me punish you. " Abel's dangerous tone made her heart race. Quickly turning in his embrace, Emmeline wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted herself on tiptoe to offer him a sweet kiss. "That's more like it," Abel said, caressing her small face. The love bites had faded from her cheeks, and her lips were no longer swollen. Emmeline's lips were still slightly pouted. Last night and this morning, Abel was very gentle and didn't use too much force. After washing up like this, Emmeline could "face the world" again. "Good girl," Abel pecked her pouty pink lips again. "Hurry up and wash up," Emmeline pushed him, "I still have to make breakfast for the kids downstairs. " "Let's make it together," Abel said, "I'll show you how much I've improved in my cooking skills, my dear wife. " "Then hurry up," Emmeline pouted and complained, "stop dragging your feet. " Reluctantly, Abel finally released her soft little body