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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 363

It was the weekend, and after finishing their breakfast, the family of six was getting ready for a big shopping trip. They had four kids' rooms that needed organizing, and it was no small feat. As soon as they were done getting ready, they headed down to the kitchen. "Mr. Abel and Ms. Louise are so in love," Kendra remarked. "Look at them making breakfast together like that. " "That's exactly what we were hoping for," Daisy replied with a grin. "If it weren't for you coming along when you did, our Missy might have missed out on her real hubby. " "They really are a perfect match," Kendra said, her voice tinged with envy. "Just look at them, both talented and gorgeous. " "Absolutely," Daisy said with a hint of pride. "The only one who can match up to our Missy is Mr. Abel. " "I couldn't agree more," Kendra chimed in. "I was blown away by Ms. Louise's beauty five years ago, and I've remembered her ever since. " "Thank goodness you remembered," Daisy said. "If it weren't for you figuring out Alana, who knows how long we would have had to keep up the charade. " "Everything happens for a reason," Kendra sighed. "You're up!" Emmeline spotted the two women and waved them over to the kitchen. "Go wake up the kids, breakfast is ready. " "It's because we slept in," Kendra said

"Thank you, Ms. Louise. Thank you, Mr

. Abel. " "Don't mention it," Emmeline smiled. "From now on, we're family. " "Yeah," Kendra nodded vigorously. "I'll go wake up the kids. " Soon enough, the four little ones came bounding down the stairs, excited and happy. "Mommy, Daddy!" The four little ones waddled over with chubby hands outstretched and short legs moving as fast as they could. Abel and Emmeline quickly knelt down to receive them. "Wow, Daddy and Mommy made breakfast together!" "I love Mommy's breakfast the most!" "I can finally eat Mommy's cooking!" Timothy cheered, reaching out his chubby arms to embrace Emmeline. "Mommy, I love you!" Emmeline's eyes narrowed in happiness as she stooped down to pick up little Timmy, hugging and kissing him. "Mommy loves you too, Timmy. " The other three children pounced on Abel, nearly knocking him over with their excitement. "Daddy, you're finally our official Daddy!" "This is just too good to be true!" "I thought I was dreaming last night, but now I see it's real!" Abel beamed with joy, tightly embracing his three little ones. "I must have saved the galaxy in my previous life," he said, his eyes getting moist. "My greatest achievement isn't owning Ryker Group, it's having you guys and Mommy. Even if I could have countless Ryker Groups, I wouldn't trade you for anything. I am so happy!" Meanwhile, Kendra had come over holding the baby. "Auntie Kendra said her little one's name is Quincy Ryker now," Timothy said. "So she's our little sister, the fifth member of our brotherhood!"