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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 364

"Yes," Emmeline ruffled Timothy's hair affectionately. "So you boys have to take good care of little sister and make sure nobody bullies Quincy. " "Absolutely," Helios thumped his chest. "I represent the sun and I'll protect Quincy!" "I represent the moon and I'll keep an eye on Quincy!" "Then I'll represent the stars and surround Quincy. " Kendra was moved to tears, "Thank you so much, young gentlemen, thank you, Ms. Louise and Mr. Abel. Quincy is so lucky!" "Don't mention it," Emmeline smiled sweetly, untangling her apron. "We're all family here. Come on, let's eat!" "Right, let's eat!" Abel untied his apron too. "After breakfast, we're all going shopping as a family. " "Let's decorate our home to make it beautiful," Emmeline exclaimed, her eyes crescent-shaped with delight. "I want a Spider-Man-themed kid's bed and desk," Timothy chimed in. "I want the same as Timothy," Helios added, "since we both love Spider-Man. " "I want a space capsule-style kid's bed and desk," Endymion declared, "so I can feel like I'm sleeping in space. " "I want a raccoon-themed kid's bed and desk," Hesperus piped up in a sweet, milky voice. "I love raccoons. " "Then we'll get what you want," Abel grinned. "And if the store doesn't have it, we'll have them design and customize it right away!" "And don't forget Quincy's crib," Timothy reminded everyone

"If there are no changes, we'll send it to the manufacturing workshop. " "Okay, we'll need to see a sample from the designer first," Endymion said. "If there are any changes, we'll let you know

. " "That's settled then," the sales manager shook hands with both Endymion and Hesperus. "Happy cooperation, young gentlemen. " "Happy cooperation," Endymion and Hesperus responded with serious faces. Emmeline and Abel watched from the side, sharing a smile. "Thank you, Emma," Abel hugged Emmeline and whispered in her ear. "Why are you suddenly thanking me?" Emmeline blinked her big eyes. "For raising my son so well," Abel's voice was low and full of affection. "They are my sons too," Emmeline teased him, "you don't have to be so affectionate. " "Are you arguing with your husband again?" Abel nuzzled her ear, his voice thick with affection, "Watch out, I might just kiss you right here and now!" "You big tease!" Emmeline pinched him in secret, blushing and pushing him away, keeping her distance. Luca stood next to them, his face also blushing. Mr. Abel and Ms. Louise really are something, they flirt and tease each other regardless of the occasion. Look at the way they're throwing around affection, even the customers over there are dumbfounded