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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 365

Exiting the Children's Furniture International Boutique Mall, they made a stop to purchase clothing and bedding for their four sons. The children's needs couldn't be overlooked, of course. The bodyguards went back and forth, carrying large bags, until both of the SUV's massive trunks were completely filled. Next up was Emmeline's turn to shop for what she needed. Abel took her to the Struyria International Luxury Center. Emmeline was drawn to a Parisian brand, and the whole family stepped into the store, causing heads to turn their way. All six of them garnered attention as they made their way inside. "Wow," whispered the sales consultant, "they're such a talented and beautiful couple. And their children are like little angels! This family is just too stunning for words. " A group of well-dressed ladies was quick to pull out their phones and snap pictures of the four sons. "Please, no pictures," Timothy stepped in front, "You're violating the right to privacy. It's illegal. " "Put your phones away, please," Helios sternly stated, "Or we'll call the authorities. " "Please cooperate, and delete any photos you've taken," Endymion firmly requested. "Once those pictures are out there, we'll hold you responsible!" Hesperus kindly warned them. "These kids are so clever and quick-witted!" The wealthy ladies had no choice but to put away their phones. "Whose kids are these? Not only are they beautiful, but also so intelligent and adorable!" "I know right? I just want to take one of them home with me!" "Please step aside," Timothy interjected, "Don't block our way to Daddy and Mommy. " The wealthy ladies couldn't help but shift their gaze to Abel and Emmeline. This couple was simply envy-inducing! They looked so loving and affectionate towards each other

Emmeline! Why are you so lucky compared to me? Emmeline! If it weren't for you suddenly appearing in Struyria and ruining all my plans, shouldn't it be me, Alana, who is shopping with Abel and their son? Emmeline! You just wait, I won't let you get away with this! Alana took out her phone and secretly took a picture of Abel holding Emmeline. Alana snapped a few more photos of the family, including the adorable quadruplets. Finally, she aimed the camera at the entire family and snapped a group shot

. She sent the photos to Adam, along with a message: "Look at Abel, with his beautiful wife and kids, and his ownership of Ryker Group. He's the biggest winner in life, isn't he?" In just a moment, Adam replied with a single sentence: "I'll make sure they all die!" Alana's lips twisted into a sinister smirk. "Heh," she muttered. "That's exactly what I want to hear. " "Ring ring~" Abel's phone suddenly rang. He glanced down and saw that it was the landline of the Levan Mansion. He gestured to Emmeline and walked to the side to answer the phone. Pressing the answer button, Rosaline's voice came from the other end. "Abel, are you at the mansion?" "What's up, Mom?" Abel asked. "I was thinking," Rosaline said, "Would Emmeline agree to bring the children to our home for dinner?" "I happen to be with Emma right now," Abel replied, "let me ask her. " "Okay," Rosaline replied. Abel covered the receiver and explained the situation to Emmeline. Emmeline nodded, "Tell Auntie that I agree. " Abel uncovered the receiver and said to Rosaline, "Mom, Emma agrees. " "That's great," Rosaline's tone suddenly became happy, "I was afraid she would be angry and refuse. "