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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 366

"Emma wouldn't be so petty," Abel said, "When does Mom want us to come over?" "Come over for lunch," Rosaline said, "I've already instructed the kitchen. " "Okay," Abel nodded, "We'll be there soon. " "Great," Rosaline said, "I'll quickly tell your dad, he's been worried. " After ending the call, Abel wrapped his arms around Emmeline's slender waist. "Thank you for not holding a grudge against my mom, I know she threatened you before. " "Auntie just wants what's best for you," Emmeline smiled, "I won't be unreasonable. " "How about we buy some gifts and head over now?" Abel suggested. "Sure," Emmeline nodded, "What do Auntie and Uncle like? Let me know. " "It doesn't have to be too complicated," Abel replied, "Mom likes Saeville's chiffon cakes, and Dad likes their earl grey tea. " "Then let's head to Tout de Sweet Cakes first," Emmeline readily agreed. After purchasing the chiffon cakes and earl grey tea from Saeville, the three-car convoy headed towards Levan Mansion halfway up the mountain. Rosaline was waiting under the mansion's porch. As she saw her son's convoy approaching, Rosaline couldn't contain her joy. The cars pulled into the parking spot, and Abel was the first to get out of the car. The two security cars followed suit. Abel opened the car door for Emmeline, and they both hugged the four little ones. "Granny!" "Granny!" The four little ones ran towards Rosaline with chubby little hands and short legs. Rosaline's eyes immediately blurred with tears

" "I know," Rosaline whispered, "if he knew the money was from you, he would definitely be mad at me. How can I take your money?" "That's fine, just don't tell him," Emmeline said. "Let's just forget about this whole thing

. " "I'll slowly pay you back the money," Rosaline said. "You did lend it to me. " "We can talk about that later," Emmeline replied. "Wonder Doctor didn't say that she needed it back right away. " "But Emma. " Rosaline hesitated. "You're not Wonder Doctor herself, are you?" "Where did you get that idea, Auntie?" Emmeline smiled. "I don't have those kinds of skills. " "But I remember Grandad saying that Wonder Doctor is a young lady and Abel was supposed to chase after her, but he wasn't interested. " "Wonder Doctor is not a young lady. " Emmeline's mind conjured up the image of Master Robert. Master Robert had become known as Wonder Doctor in his later years of practicing medicine, and Emmeline simply borrowed his name. Emmeline chuckled, "He's a seventy-year-old man. "