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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 367

"Old man?" Rosaline furrowed her brow. "That doesn't make sense. When I saw her, I thought her eyes looked just like yours. " "You flatter me, Auntie," Emmeline chuckled. "I'll introduce you to the Wonder Doctor someday. " "That would be great," Rosaline said. "I don't like being left in the dark. " "But for now, this is a secret between us," Emmeline said. "Don't tell Abel yet, or the whole 300 billion deal might fall apart. " "I won't forget," Rosaline patted Emmeline's hand. "Let's go inside, the food and drinks are ready. " As they entered the living room, Lewis beamed at his four grandchildren. "Sebastian!" he called to the butler. "Bring me the envelopes I prepared. " "Sure, Mr. Lewis," Sebastian replied promptly, heading to the study to fetch a large red lacquered tray. On the tray were five bank cards wrapped in red paper and an exquisite jewelry box. "Come here, my lovely grandkids!" Lewis beckoned to the four little ones. Timothy held Helios' hand, who held Endymion's, who in turn held Hesperus' hand, and they all walked over to stand in a straight line in front of Lewis. Looking at his precious grandkids, Lewis and Rosaline felt as if they were tasting honey, so sweet and satisfying

" "Emma," Abel hugged Emmeline's small shoulder, "the past is in the past, Dad gave it to you, just take it, be a good girl. " "Um," Emmeline nodded and took the bank card, thanking Lewis, "Thank you, Uncle. " "I have something too," Rosaline said, picking up a beautiful box from the lacquer tray

. "This is the bracelet I wore on my wedding day. I'm giving it to you now, as a sort of family heirloom. " With that, she took Emmeline's hand and slipped an exquisite jade bracelet onto her delicate wrist. "So when are you two getting married?" Lewis asked. "We're all looking forward to the wedding. " "And I'm looking forward to finally being called 'mom' by Emma," Rosaline added, beaming with joy. Emmeline blushed, lowering her head and saying, "I haven't discussed it with Abel yet. " "Of course, the sooner the better," Abel said, grinning. "I can't wait for you to call me husband without any hesitation. " Emmeline's face was flushed with embarrassment, and she wished she could just disappear. Abel held her close with tenderness and said with a smile, "How about we do it this month? You pick a date. " "Let Uncle and Auntie decide," Emmeline said, burying her face in his shoulder. "We need to find a good day, right?" "I'll take care of that," Rosaline said. "I'll go and ask Mr. Ywain in Saeville to find a good day for us. "