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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 368

"As early as possible," Lewis advised. "Abel and I both agree that it's best to do it within this month. " "Of course," Rosaline smiled. "I was thinking the same thing. " "After we're married, you'll have to call me 'husband,'" Abel whispered in Emmeline's ear. Emmeline let out a soft "mmm" in his embrace. "Hahaha!" Abel burst out laughing with joy. The Quadruplets were also jumping with excitement. "Wow, this is great! We can finally have a toast at Daddy and Mommy's wedding!" "And we can be Daddy's groomsmen!" "But what about the bridesmaids? Who will be the bridesmaids?" "I'll be a groomsman with Helios, Endymion, and Hesperus can dress up as little girls and be Mommy's bridesmaids," Timothy suggested. "I think that works," Endymion agreed. "I wouldn't feel comfortable with anyone else being Mommy's bridesmaid. " "I agree too," Hesperus raised her chubby little hand. "Just dress me up as a little girl, I don't mind. " "Thank you, my babies!" Emmeline exclaimed with joy, squatting down to kiss each of her children's faces. Abel also lifted each of the children up high in celebration. The entire hall was filled with joyous sounds and a festive atmosphere. But suddenly, Rosaline let out a sigh. "What's wrong, Mom? Why the sudden sigh?" Abel asked. "It's just that while we're all happy and joyous here, it's so miserable for Aunt Julianna and her family," Rosaline said. "What happened to them?" Abel asked with a hint of anger

Rosaline said, "Then let's order two sets for each, Levan Mansion also needs to prepare four sets of children's suites, right?" "Granny," Timothy said, "I already have mine, but I want to switch to Spider-Man's. " "Sure, go ahead," Rosaline said, "it's a new beginning, so let's use something new. " "Mm-hmm," Timothy said, "I'll tell the sales manager later that we need double the amount of children's beds and desks for the four of us

. " "I'll go buy four sets of bedding later," Emmeline said, "let's get the same pattern we picked this morning. " "Then four of you can come over and stay with Grandpa and Granny during the weekends and holidays. " "I can play games with you all in the garden," Lewis added with a smile. Rosaline couldn't stop beaming with happiness. After finishing their meal, the four little ones stayed at the Levan Mansion while Abel and Emmeline went to the hospital with gifts to visit Julianna. When they arrived, Julianna was alone in her hospital room. Landen was nowhere to be found. Adam and Adrien were nowhere to be found. When Abel and Emmeline arrived at the hospital, Julianna was the only one in the room. She was first angry but then burst into tears upon seeing them. "Aunt Julianna," Abel said, "I know you're upset, but this isn't our fault. You're a reasonable person too. " "I've come to realize that," Julianna said, "it's all Alana's fault that Adrien is like this. Emmeline is a victim too. "