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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 369

"I never intended to hurt Adrien," Emmeline said. "If he really is the father of the triplets, I would have been engaged to him by now and eventually married. But who would have known that it was all part of Alana's scheme?" "It's not too late to realize it now," Julianna said. "It's better to avoid marrying Adrien and having three children that are not his. We don't want to raise someone else's grandchildren, do we?" "You're right, Aunt Julianna," Abel said. "It's better to clear the air now and avoid any resentment between us. " "What makes me sad is that," Julianna sobbed, "I was so angry that I got a heart attack. Adrien is always at the Imperial Palace, indulging in wine and women. He doesn't even come home anymore. Why did I have to raise such a troublesome son?" Emmeline lowered her head, feeling somewhat guilty even though it was Adrien's own fault. She couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if she had married him and he turned out to be the triplets' daddy. Emmeline couldn't help but wonder if Adrien would really change for the better or if he would just fall back into his old habits within two years. The thought made her break out in a cold sweat. "Emmeline," Julianna said, "can you do me a favor? Will you help me?" "What is it?" Emmeline asked. "Just tell me, I'll do everything I can to help. " "Please talk to Adrien for me," Julianna said tearfully. "If he continues like this, he'll ruin himself. " Emmeline lowered her eyes. "I know it's difficult for you," Julianna said, "but Adrien only listens to you. I have no other options left. " Emmeline felt uneasy about it all. She had always felt uncomfortable around Adrien

"That won't do," Lin Shuang objected. "Luca is your most trusted assistant, and I won't feel at ease without him by your side. " "My thoughts exactly," Abel agreed

. "I'll only feel at ease with Luca by your side. " Emmeline was about to suggest Sam and Daisy, who were technically her workers but also acted as her bodyguards, but she held her tongue. Their skills were far beyond average. But she could bring it up with Abel later on when the time was right. Including her true identity, it was not something that could be explained in just a few words. Before heading back to the company, Abel fulfilled Emmeline's request and dropped her off at the coffee shop. For the past few days, Sam had been the only one working at the shop. Emmeline felt the need to come to check on the "business situation. " "I'll have Luca come by later," Abel kissed Emmeline's forehead. "Remember to call me if you need anything. " "Sure thing," Emmeline nodded. "You can trust me, I'm not a child. " "You're my baby's mommy and my one and only love," Abel said tenderly. Abel gazed at Emmeline with a tender expression. "To me, you are priceless. " "Smooth talker!" Emmeline blushed, "I suddenly feel like you and Adrien are really two brothers. " "How can he compare to me?" Abel whispered in her ear, "I got four in one shot. " "Get out of here!" Emmeline blushed even deeper, "You're becoming more and more ridiculous!"