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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 370

Abel gently hugged her before pushing open the glass door and walking towards the parking lot across the street. "Ms. Louise," Sam watched as Abel's figure disappeared, "It seems like Mr. Abel has had a change of heart. He used to have such a cold, emotionless face, but now he smiles and looks incredibly handsome when he does. " "You have way too much time on your hands!" Emmeline playfully tapped her head, "Why don't you focus on your work?" "But there are no customers around," Sam pouted, "I've been brewing coffee these past few days, and I've been drinking it all by myself. " "In that case, make us both a cup," Emmeline said, "Let's drink it together. " "Alright!" Sam pulled out a chair for them and went to make coffee. After brewing the coffee and adding milk and sugar, the two sat at the table with their respective cups. Sam started complaining. "I heard from Mr. Benjamin that the engagement party was quite lively, but I didn't get to attend. " "You're so nosy!" Emmeline playfully poked her on the forehead, "Do you have to stick your neck out and eat up all the gossip about your Missy?" "But didn't I miss out on all the fun?" Sam pouted, "Such a big event, and I didn't get to witness it! I bet Mr. Abel caused quite a stir when he showed up to steal the bride. " "Why don't we recreate it for you to see?" Emmeline tilted her head and scolded her. "No need for that," Sam stuck out her tongue. As the two were enjoying their coffee, Benjamin and Janie suddenly arrived. "What a coincidence," Emmeline said, "I just got here not too long ago. " Benjamin gestured to Sam with his mouth, "That little rascal sent me a message saying you were here, so I came over right away. " Emmeline's eyes turned to Sam

Abel," Janie said. "Both Mr. Benjamin and I are happy for you

. " While the two women chatted, Benjamin went off to smoke a cigarette by himself. Emmeline whispered to Janie, "Any progress with Benjamin?" "It's still the same," Janie pouted. "I just can't seem to get through to him. " Emmeline comforted her. "Just take it slow. With persistence and sincerity, even a stone can be broken. " "Ugh," Janie sighed. "It's just a matter of whether I can heat up that stone of his someday. " After finishing his cigarette, Benjamin walked over and sat down. Sam had finished making the coffee, and Janie went to the counter to add milk and sugar. Benjamin drank his coffee black, without any additives. He asked Emmeline, "So you'll be living at The Precipice with the kids?" "Not exactly," Emmeline replied, "since the lab is over here. " "Well, that's good," Benjamin whispered, "we won't have to run into Ms. Louise every time we see you. " Emmeline fell silent for a moment, then spoke up again, "Ben, Janie is such a great girl. Would you please take a closer look at her?" "I know," Benjamin smiled at her, "I won't bother you. Why are you in such a hurry to push me onto someone else?"