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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 371

"I didn't think that way," Emmeline said. "I just hope that you can fall in love with another girl, you deserve someone better!" "Let's not talk about that," Benjamin said. "When are you planning to get married? I'll prepare your dowry. " "Let's wait until Levan Mansion picks a date," Emmeline said. "I haven't figured out how to tell Master Robert yet. " "Master Adelmar was expecting this," Benjamin said. "He knows that finding the fathers of the children would lead to something, he just doesn't know who the man is. " "I really hope Master Robert can accept Abel," Emmeline said. "Then we won't have a problem. " "That shouldn't be a problem, right?" Benjamin said. "Abel is so talented. " "But Master Robert has a temper, who knows if Abel will catch his eye?" Emmeline said. "Don't worry," Benjamin reassured her, running his hand through her hair. "I'll be the mediator when the time comes. " "What are you guys talking about?" Janie walked over with a cup of coffee in her hand. She handed a cup to Benjamin. "We were just saying how Benjamin wants to take you out to dinner, and I want to come along, but he's not too keen on the idea," Emmeline said, playfully nudging Benjamin. Janie's eyes widened, and her cheeks turned rosy. "Really?" "You should ask him yourself," Emmeline said, winking mischievously at Benjamin

As Emmeline was busy preparing the medication, she received a message from Sam: "Luca is here. " Emmeline replied: "Ask him to wait in the coffee shop, and take good care of him. " Sam replied: "One cup of coffee without sugar, plus a sugar-coated beauty

. " Emmeline responded with a facepalm emoji and a crying-laughing emoji. After about half an hour, the medication was prepared, and Emmeline picked up her phone to call Adrien. It took a while for Adrien to answer the call, and his voice sounded excited but slurred with alcohol. "Emma, did you call me?" "Emma, I'm so happy! I thought you had forgotten about me!" "Emma, I miss you so much. " Emmeline furrowed her brow and spoke with a cold tone, "Adrien, can you not do this?" "I don't want to be like this either," Adrien whimpered, "I know you're Abel's woman, so I can't mess around. But I can't control myself. No, I've been trying hard to control myself, not to call or contact you, but Emma, I'm in so much pain. " "So you went to the Imperial Palace to get drunk and not come back all night?" Adrien seemed to sober up slightly, "Emma, how did you know I was at Imperial Palace?" "Adrien," Emmeline reprimanded icily. "Auntie is seriously ill, and instead of staying by her side at the hospital, you're out carousing in the Imperial Palace?" Adrien remained silent. "Is it if you're the father of the triplets and part of our family, when things don't go your way, you act like this?" Emmeline continued, her voice rising. Adrien still didn't respond. "Adrien, answer me!" she demanded. "But, Emmeline," Adrien sneered on the other end. "The key issue here is that I'm not the triplets' father, I'm not your husband, and you're Abel's woman. What right do you have to tell me what to do?"