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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 374

"Mr. Adrien," Luca spoke up. "Could you please put on some clothes before you speak?" "Luca?" Adrien recognized the voice and attempted to sit up, but was promptly kicked back down onto the bed by Emmeline's swift foot. Luca quickly caught up and pulled the covers over Adrien, leaving only his head exposed. As Adrien lay there, he finally got a good look at the young, handsome "young man" who had just kicked him twice. Although he couldn't quite place where he had seen him before, there was something familiar about him. "Who are you?" Adrien demanded, shocked that someone would have the audacity to strike him. "You have some nerve attacking me. Do you want to die?" Emmeline squinted her eyes and crushed her cigar into the ashtray on the table. "Adrien, you really are bored with life!" Her delicate and beautiful appearance belied her crisp and cold voice. "Emma!" Adrien exclaimed, startled, and attempted to leap up from the bed. But Luca quickly threw himself on top of him, holding him down firmly. "Luca, let go! Emma's here, I need to talk to her!" Adrien demanded. "Mr. Adrien," Luca restrained him. "You can talk, but please put on some clothes first. " "Clothes?" Adrien repeated in confusion. Luca nodded. "Well, you're practically naked. How can you face Ms. Louise like this?" Adrien nodded in agreement

" Adrien and Emmeline both glared at Luca. "Did I say something wrong?" Luca asked innocently, "Do you have to wallow in misery over Ms. Louise?" "You're right," Emmeline said, "that's a very insightful point

. " Adrien remained silent, his eyes downcast. "But I just fell for Emma," he finally spoke up. "Adrien," Emmeline said, "I'm glad we never became family. Today you like me, but when the novelty wears off, who knows who you'll be infatuated with? So losing me just means losing one of the many flowers in the garden, there's nothing to be tangled up about. " Adrien had nothing to say in response. Emmeline's words had hit a chord with him. He was infatuated with her, but he couldn't guarantee that he would always be. Loving a woman for a lifetime was harder than being killed. As he thought about it, Adrien began to feel less upset. “Women are a dime a dozen,” Emmeline said. “As Luca said, you don't need to hang yourself on me. It would be a waste of you. You need to pick yourself up and focus on your career. With a charming and handsome man like you, Adrien, women will be flocking to you anyway. ” Adrien hung his head and pondered Emmeline's words. He had to admit, she had a point. He, Adrien, had never been short of women. Why should he be so hung up on Emmeline, one woman among many?