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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 375

"I think you should think about your mother right now," Emmeline said, hugging her arms. "Women can always be found again, but if you lose your mother, there's no replacing her. " "How's my mom doing now?" Adrien's head seemed to clear up a lot. "I gave her a heart attack with all the stress I caused," he said. "I feel so guilty!" "Just feeling guilty won't help," Emmeline said. "You need to go be with her. If her mood improves, it will help with her recovery. " "I'm so regretful," Adrien said, covering his face. "If I hadn't been so reckless, my mom wouldn't be so sick. " "I have a few doses of regret medicine here," Emmeline said. Emmeline pulled out the prepared medicine from her pocket. "You can give this to Auntie. I believe it will take away your regrets. " "What do you mean?" Adrien looked at the medicine in Emmeline's hand. "There's no such thing as regret medicine. " "This is it," Emmeline said. "It will help Auntie's heart disease, and for you, that's regret medicine, isn't it?" "Where did you get this medicine?" Adrien asked skeptically. "Does it work?" "It's a secret family recipe," Emmeline said. "Works like a charm. It's a must-have in every household. " Adrien took the medicine from Emmeline, holding it up to his nose to smell it. "Take one pack a day for five days, and Auntie can leave the hospital. Then you won't have any regrets," Emmeline said. Alright," Adrien nodded. "I'll give it a try for my mom

Everyone's waiting for you. " It was only then that Benjamin realized he had been working for over an hour past the end of the workday. Benjamin raised an eyebrow from his seat in the CEO's office, as no one dared to move even though it was already past closing time

. Finally, Ethan encouraged Janie to go over and ask what was going on. It turned out that Ethan's middle school son, Skylar, was having his birthday today, and his wife Grace was waiting for him at home to prepare dinner. "Oh," Benjamin said, realizing the time, "it's already this late. " "Yeah," Janie added, "Mr. Ethan's wife has been reminding him three times already. " "Is everything alright at their home for her to keep reminding him like that?" Benjamin asked, concerned. As Ethan was Ms. Louise's brother, Benjamin had a special interest in him. "His son's birthday," Janie replied when asked why Ethan's wife was urging him to go home. "I see," Benjamin said. "Tell Mr. Ethan that he doesn't have to go home and cook. " "Why not?" Janie widened her eyes. "You're not trying to take away their right to celebrate their son's birthday, are you?" "What are you talking about?" Benjamin raised an eyebrow. "Am I that kind of person? What I mean is, I'll book a hotel for them, and we can all celebrate his son's birthday together!" Before Benjamin could finish his sentence, Janie had disappeared without a trace. Within half a minute, Ethan arrived eagerly, with Janie trailing behind. Her big eyes were sparkling and her face was flushed with excitement. "Mr. Benjamin," Ethan exclaimed, "what has my son done to deserve the honor of having you personally celebrate his birthday?" "Well, he's Emma's nephew, isn't he?" Benjamin replied. "Can't I do something for Emma's family?"