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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 376

"I knew that," Ethan scratched his head. "Mr. Benjamin spoils Emma too much. " Benjamin leaned back in his chair and said nothing. Only he knew the depth of his love for Emmeline. "Well, I'll thank Mr. Benjamin on behalf of the whole family," Ethan bowed. "Don't mention it," Benjamin said. "Just go to the Struyria Banquet. I have VIP access over there. " "The Struyria Banquet?" Ethan was surprised. Benjamin, isn't that too high-end? It's just a kid's birthday. " "It's settled," Benjamin said. "I'll talk to their manager. " "Well, then it's up to Mr. Benjamin," Ethan said. "Oh, and I promised Ms. Eastwood a spot too. " Benjamin looked over at Janie. "Hi there," Janie waved playfully at Benjamin from behind Ethan. "I have a birthday present too. " "Okay," Benjamin nodded with a stern expression. Ethan happily ran back to his office. He had to quickly report this good news to his wife

The top two bigwigs of Struyria are both vying to celebrate his son's birthday. After ending the call with his sister, Ethan told Grace the good news. Grace was also ecstatic and quickly told their son

. Skylar said, "I also want to play with my four little cousins, so it's perfect that they'll all be there. " In the CEO's office. Benjamin glanced at Janie and said, "You're good at finding opportunities, aren't you?" “This isn't what you promised me, is it?” Janie pouted, “You said you'd take me out to dinner, and now it's just a group thing?” “Well, that works too,” Benjamin said, “I was actually planning to take you out separately this weekend, but I guess this will do. One pot for all. ” “Hey!” Janie jumped up, “This doesn't count as our dinner!” Benjamin had already picked up his suit jacket and made a suave exit from the CEO's office. “Mr. Benjamin,” Janie called out, chasing after him, “Your car can give me a ride! I didn't drive today because I sent it to the dealership for maintenance. ” Several executives who were still in their offices poked their heads out. What's going on? What's happening? Janie and Mr. Benjamin? Emmeline had just finished talking with her brother and immediately called Abel. Abel was in a meeting. When his phone rang, he glanced at it and then immediately answered it. The dozen or so executives in the room looked at each other in confusion. Mr. Abel never answered his phone during meetings. But this time. Not only did he answer the phone, but he spoke in a particularly gentle tone: "Emma, I've already informed the Nimbus Hotel. I'll pick you and the kids up after work. " "Let's cancel the Nimbus Hotel reservation for now," Emmeline said. "Benjamin has booked the Struyria Banquet, and Janie will be there too. " "Benjamin is going too?" Abel was slightly taken aback