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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 377

"Sure," Emmeline replied. "My brother is actually a top executive at Benjamin's company, so we're still friends. " "Ah, that makes sense," Abel said. "Let's go to the Struyria Banquet then. After the meeting is over, I'll come and pick you and the kids up. " "Alright, sounds good," Emmeline said. "I've already got the gift ready, so just head straight there. " "Great, you're such a good girl," Abel said with a smile. As they said their goodbyes, Abel leaned in and gave his phone a kiss. The entire conference room fell silent at the gesture. Mr. Abel. Has this cold and unfeeling person changed his ways? But then, everyone in the room could hear a soft kissing sound from Abel's phone. They all watched as Abel's handsome face broke into a gentle and sweet smile. The room was filled with a warm and fuzzy feeling. After all, it was a rare sight to see Abel smiling

"Daddy," Helios spoke up, "Do we look handsome like you?" "Yeah, are we as handsome as Daddy?" Endymion added. "Of course we are," Hesperus chimed in, "We're all handsome like Daddy!" "You're all handsome," Abel hugged each of his sons in turn, then said, "Handsome four young gentlemen, let's go see if beautiful Mommy is ready. " "I'm ready," Emmeline came down the stairs at that moment

. The five gentlemen looked up and saw a graceful and elegant figure coming towards them. Emmeline wore a pale blue dress that accentuated her curves and added to her already elegant demeanor, making her look even more stunning. "Wow!" Timothy exclaimed, "Mommy is so beautiful!" "Mommy has always been beautiful," Helios clapped his hands, "but she looks even more beautiful today!" "Watching her makes my heart skip a beat," Endymion said, his eyes shining with hearts. "Daddy," Hesperus looked up at Abel, "with such a beautiful Mommy, why are you just standing there?" Abel finally came to his senses and rushed up the stairs, scooping Emmeline up in his arms. "Wow!" The four little ones exclaimed together, "Close your eyes, Daddy and Mommy are about to show affection again!" Four pairs of chubby hands were raised, each covering their own eyes. But they all sneakily peeked through their fingers. Abel ran down the stairs, put Emmeline down, and embraced her delicate waist, planting a deep kiss on her cheek. "Emma, you're always so beautiful. I'm worried I'm not good enough for you," Abel said. "Well, then you better step up and make yourself even more handsome," Emmeline replied, wrapping her arms around his neck and giving him a gentle smile. Abel looked over at their children, who had covered their eyes with chubby hands. Daisy and Sam were in the kitchen. Without hesitation, Abel quickly lowered his head and planted a kiss on Emmeline's soft, pink lips