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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 378

"Warning! Not suitable for children!" "High risk ahead!" Timothy and Helios shouted in unison. Their cries immediately piqued the curiosity of Endymion and Hesperus, who eagerly took off their hands. "That doesn't count!" they protested. "We didn't see clearly!" Endymion and Hesperus spoke in unison, "Daddy and Mommy, do it again!" Emmeline blushed and pushed Abel away, pouting, "The kids are watching. " "Hahaha," Abel laughed cheerfully. "They really are four little troublemakers!" "Daddy, no cheating!" Endymion and Hesperus continued to shout. "We didn't see it, so you have to do it again!" Emmeline's face turned even redder as she protested, "You little rascals, this isn't proper!" "But Daddy and Mommy kissed each other, so why can't we see?" the kids argued. Timothy and Helios chimed in, "Yeah, that's not fair!" "That's not fair!" Endymion and Hesperus refused to give up. Emmeline was about to stomp her foot in frustration when Abel swooped in and planted a kiss on her cheek. "Wow!" Endymion and Hesperus exclaimed. "That's so sweet!" Timothy and Helios burst into laughter, doubling over in amusement. Daisy and Kendra, who were watching from the staircase, couldn't help but giggle as well. Once everything was settled, the family of six climbed into the extended Rolls-Royce and happily made their way to the Struyria Banquet. Benjamin and Janie arrived first, already having bought Skylar's birthday presents and eagerly awaiting the birthday boy and his parents. Shortly after, Ethan arrived with his wife Grace, and their twelve-year-old son Skylar. Benjamin and Janie handed over the gifts, prompting Ethan to urge his son, "Sky, don't forget to thank your uncle and auntie!" "Thank you, Uncle and Auntie!" Skylar happily bowed to Benjamin and Janie. Meanwhile, Emmeline and the rest of the family had also arrived. As soon as the door opened, four adorable little boys rushed in. Ethan chuckled, "Just by looking at them, I can tell they belong to Mr

Emmeline's gift was a teenage sports outfit, while Abel's gift was a matching pair of shoes. The four little ones were thrilled with their presents, which were all sorts of unique and unusual items. Even Ultraman was in the mix

. When Abel saw Benjamin, he handed him a cigarette. The two of them went outside to the smoking room to smoke. Ethan joined them shortly after. Abel handed him a cigarette as well. The three men exchanged some words. "My sister and the kids are in your hands now," said Ethan, his eyes slightly red. "She's been through a lot of hardships before, and I, as her older brother, couldn't be there for her. You better treat her well from now on. " "Of course," Abel nodded. "You can rest assured, brother. " "Even though you're the CEO of the mighty Ryker Group, here, you're just my brother-in-law. If my sister is ever wronged, I will definitely teach you a lesson," Ethan added with determination. "And count me in," Benjamin squinted his starry eyes. "I won't allow Emma to be mistreated either. "