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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 380

Dr. Carter left with a hint of regret in his eyes. Adrien took charge of his mother's care, carefully brewing the medicinal herbs she needed. After the first dose, Julianna felt a sense of relief and her spirits lifted. "Adrien," Julianna spoke up, "did Emmeline convince you to come back?" Adrien nodded. "Emma is the best woman. I always listen to her. " Julianna sighed. "I used to dislike her, but now I see that she's actually quite nice. Abel really lucked out with her. " "Adam hasn't come home in the past few days. He's feeling down about his recent defeat. He's never lost so badly before," Adrien shared. "Get Adam to find a way to put that Abel in his place. He's too arrogant!" Julianna gritted her teeth in frustration. "And don't even get me started on your Uncle Lewis and his brood of four grandsons. Just thinking about it makes my blood boil!" Adrien remained silent, his heart heavy with emotion. He wished that Alana's scheme had succeeded, that way the triplets would be his children, and Emmeline would be his wife. But unfortunately, Alana had lost miserably, and now she was in hot water with the law

"Wow, come and see, Mr. Ryker brought in four mini versions of himself to work today!" It had been rumored lately that Abel had saved the entire galaxy and had also found a wife and children. And seeing these four handsome and cool boys today, people began to think that it wasn't just Abel who saved the galaxy, but also the boys' mommy

. "What a lucky girl she is!" people whispered. She was the ultimate winner in life, having a man like Abel as her husband and four beautiful children like these. "Daddy, is this the Ryker Group?" Timothy asked. "It's so magnificent!" "I counted it just now," Helios chimed in. "It has over 80 floors. " "In Struyria, this must be one of the top-ranked buildings," Endymion added. "I heard Mommy say that Ryker Group is the only company that can rival Adelmar," Hesperus said. "Promise me you'll grow up well and take over Ryker Group in the future, okay?" Abel said to his four boys, with a smile on his face. "Well, that's great," said Timothy. "We can all manage Ryker Group together, and we won't have to fight. " "But everyone will listen to Timothy," Helios said, "because he's the big brother. " "Exactly," Endymion and Hesperus nodded in agreement, "we'll all follow the big brother. " "I'll make sure to be a good big brother," Timothy patted his chest, "and take care of my little brothers. " Finally, Timothy added, "And Quincy too!" "Absolutely," the three little brothers agreed in unison, "Quincy is our little sister. "