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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 381

Abel looked on with contentment as the children played together, their love for each other evident. Riding the CEO elevator up to the 89th floor, Luca led the quadruplets on a tour of the building. Meanwhile, Abel was swamped with work, barely able to keep up. As he was buried in his tasks, his secretary knocked lightly on the half-closed door. "What is it?" Abel asked without looking up. "Mr. Abel," the secretary said, "there's a visitor here, but they didn't have an appointment. " "Turn them away," Abel replied, still focused on his work. "I don't have time for unannounced guests. " "Sure," the secretary said, turning to leave. "I'll let them know. " "No need," a clear voice spoke from behind the secretary. "I've already made my way here. " At that moment, Abel raised his gaze, and his eyes landed on a young woman standing tall at the door. She was stunning, possessing a classical elegance that was undeniable. But he didn't recognize her. "Miss," the secretary frowned. "Mr. Abel doesn't have time to see you. " "Not even if I'm a member of the Murphy family from Altney?" The woman smiled lightly, her tone friendly. "The Murphy family from Altney?" Abel furrowed his brows. "Who might you be, miss?" "Evelyn," the woman smiled. "The name should be familiar to you, Mr. Abel. " Abel set down his pen. Evelyn

"Thank you," Abel replied with a cool, shallow smile. "Don't mention it, Mr. Abel," Evelyn continued

. "We have an unusual relationship, so it's only natural that I come to visit you. " "Clap clap," Evelyn clapped her hands twice. The attendants waiting outside the door brought in a few gifts. "These are carefully selected gifts for Mr. Abel," Evelyn said, "I hope Mr. Abel will accept them. " "I don't need any gifts," Abel waved his hand, "take them back. " "Wouldn't that be impolite?" Evelyn's face darkened slightly, "These are all fine gifts that I personally picked for Mr. Abel. " "We have no connection between us," Abel's eyes were indifferent, "we are complete strangers. How can I accept gifts from a stranger?" "But we do have a certain relationship," Evelyn said, "Mr. Abel is unmarried, I am unmarried, and we have a marriage agreement. How can you say we have no relationship?" "I think Ms. Evelyn has misunderstood," Abel said, "the actual situation is not what you think. " "Mr. Abel, what do you mean?" Abel didn't answer but instead picked up the intercom and dialed Luca's phone. "Mr. Abel," Luca answered, "what can I do for you?" "Bring them over," Abel said. "Yes, Mr. Abel. " Luca hung up the phone and motioned the four little ones to follow him back to the CEO's office. In just three or four minutes, the four little ones returned, beaming with excitement