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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 382

"Daddy, we're back!" "Daddy, the Ryker Group is so huge!" "Daddy, all these people work for you?" "Daddy is so amazing, I admire Daddy the most!" The four children ran in, vying for Abel's attention and climbing all over him like monkeys. In no time, Abel had become a tree covered in little monkeys. Evelyn was stunned, slowly rising from the couch. "Mr. Abel. who are these children?" "Can't you tell, Ms. Evelyn?" Abel sneered back. "Do you really think I'd be holding someone else's son?" Evelyn stuttered, "They, they're your children? They look exactly like you!" "Well, of course," Abel said, a hint of pride in his voice. "These are my quadruplets, born to my wife. " "Your. your wife?" "Daddy's wife is our Mommy," Timothy proudly answered for Abel. "Her name is Emmeline. " "Emmeline is the most beautiful Mommy in the world!" "We all love our Mommy. " "Daddy loves Mommy more, they always lovey-dovey in front of us every day!" "But. " Evelyn's face turned red with embarrassment. "Lizbeth told me something different. " "That was a misunderstanding," Abel said coldly. "Now that you know the truth, you can leave. " Evelyn felt mortified. She could feel her face turning red, then white. She awkwardly chuckled, "I guess it was just a misunderstanding

Evelyn crossed the street alone and entered the coffee shop. The cafe was empty, except for Sam who was scrolling through her phone. Evelyn took a glance at Sam and knew she wasn't Emmeline

. Lizbeth had mentioned that Emmeline bore a slight resemblance to her, and she was supposed to be a stunningly beautiful woman. Evelyn took a seat at a coffee table in the corner and ordered a plain coffee. As luck would have it, just as she hadn't finished her cup, Emmeline arrived. Emmeline had just finished her work at Adelmar Studios. Since Abel was with the boys at Ryker Group, she hadn't returned to "The Precipice. " She strode in her black biker jacket and half-length Martin boots exuding a cold and imposing aura. At first glance, Evelyn knew she was looking at Emmeline. Emmeline's presence was commanding and intimidating. Evelyn quickly lifted her coffee cup to partially hide her face, stealing a glance at Emmeline over the rim. But the deep sense of inferiority within her caused her to lower her head soon after. Despite her usual confidence in her own beauty, Evelyn couldn't help but feel inferior to Emmeline at that moment. No wonder Abel didn't even bat an eyelid at her. "Ms. Louise," Sam exclaimed cheerfully, "I knew you would come today, and I've been eagerly waiting for you. " "I'll go upstairs to change first," Emmeline tossed her long hair, "and come down to join you for coffee later. " "Okay then," Sam quickly brewed coffee while humming a tune. In just ten minutes, Emmeline came downstairs wearing a simple white cotton dress and a loose ponytail