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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 384

Evelyn arrived at the parking lot and got into her own car. "Wait for Abel," she instructed the driver. "Wherever his car goes, we go. " "Understood, Ms. Murphy," the driver replied. "Hmph," Evelyn thought to herself, "I can't wait to see how lovey-dovey they are. " Sure enough, twenty minutes later, Abel's extended Rolls Royce pulled up. He got out of the back seat and leaned down to speak to the four little ones in the car. "Be good and wait here, Daddy is going to get Mommy. " "Okay, Daddy!" all four children responded in unison. Luca got out of the car as well and followed Mr. Abel across the road to the coffee shop on the other side. He pushed open the glass door and saw Emmeline and Sam still drinking their coffee. Thinking back to the sweet kiss Abel blew on his phone earlier, Emmeline's face flushed with a blush. It was Sam who spoke first. "Mr. Abel, Luca, you guys made it. " "Mmm," Abel nodded, but his gaze was fixed on Emmeline. Luca just smiled slightly at Sam. Suddenly, Sam's face turned bright red. "Let's go," Abel offered his arm to Emmeline. She obediently slipped her hand into his arm. "Goodbye, Ms. Louise. Goodbye, Mr

Luca. " Luca then sent a message to Abel: "Mr. Abel, there's a car with an Altney license plate following us

. " Altney license plate? Abel glanced briefly at the rearview mirror. His narrowed eyes spoke volumes. Was it Evelyn's car following him? He didn't know what kind of car she drove. But with the sudden appearance of the Altney luxury car, who else but her? He messaged Luca, "Don't alert Emma. " Luca replied, "Understood. " Evelyn! You never learn! Abel stared at the Altney car that appeared and disappeared in the rearview mirror, a cold smile curling up his lips. After a short while, Rolls-Royce arrived at the seafood pier, the largest and most luxurious seafood restaurant in Struyria, which was also one of Ryker Group's industries. All seafood here was flown directly from the sea, which made it both fresh and varied. It was the top choice for Struyria's aristocrats to dine on seafood. The Rolls-Royce parked in the car park, and Evelyn's car stopped nearby. Abel's three bodyguards' cars dispersed, surrounding Evelyn's car. Abel was the first to get out of the car, and he bent down to help Emmeline out of the car. Then they took turns carrying each of the four children out of the car. The family of six walked through the revolving doors of the hotel and headed towards their reserved private room. While they waited to order, Abel sent a message to Luca behind him. "Go to the security department and pull up the surveillance footage to see what Altney's people are up to. " Luca replied, "Yes, Mr. Abel," and promptly turned and left. Upon arriving at the security department, the head of security was taken aback by Luca's appearance. "Mr. Luca, why are you here in person?"