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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 385

"Mr. Abel and his family are dining here," Luca whispered, "Ensure that the security measures are in place both inside and outside the hotel. There must be no mishaps. " "Yes, Mr. Luca!" the head of security replied hurriedly. "So, it's Mr. Abel who's here. " "Indeed," Luca nodded. "Don't alert the other departments. Mr. Abel dislikes too much attention. " "Understood, Mr. Luca," the security head said. "We will make sure to provide excellent security. Abel can dine here with peace of mind. " "I'll apply for a bonus for your team," Luca promised. "That would be great!" the security head beamed with joy. "Now, let me check the surveillance," Luca said. "There's a suspicious car we need to keep an eye on. And be alert of the people inside the vehicle. " "Understood, Mr. Luca," the head of security replied, sounding nervous. It seemed like that bonus wasn't going to be handed out for free; there was work to be done. The head of security personally escorted Luca to the monitoring room. Luca scanned the screens until he found the luxury car with the Altney license plate in the parking lot

"You're not derelict in your duties, you're just doing your job. " "Okay," the security head replied. "I'll turn it in later

. " With the security head agreeing to Evelyn's request, the office door opened and Luca walked out of the control room, turning to the other side. Evelyn followed him into the control room. In the private room. Abel lifted his head nonchalantly and glanced at the four cameras in the corners. A cold smile crept up on his lips. Evelyn's intention was obvious. She wanted to see how he and his wife interacted with each other. Was she really that persistent in her pursuit of him? The dishes were served, and Abel put on disposable gloves and began to peel the lobster for his wife and children. He peeled them and put them on the children's small plates. It was Emmeline's turn, and Abel dipped a lobster claw into the ginger sauce before feeding it to her tiny mouth. "Wow, Daddy didn't invite us for seafood, he just wanted to show off his love for Mommy!" Timothy laughed first. "Yeah, Daddy's biased, he only feeds Mommy," Helios chimed in. "Because Mommy is my wife," Abel chuckled. "Of course, I have to take good care of her. " As he spoke, he leaned in and gave Emmeline a peck on the cheek. "Wow, this display of affection is even more abundant than the seafood," Endymion said. "Daddy loves Mommy too much," Hesperus chimed in. "I'm so jealous!" "Mommy is the only woman I love, so, of course, I have to shower her with love," Abel replied. "Abel," Emmeline blushed, whispering, "don't show so much PDA in front of the children, it's embarrassing. " "Mwah," Abel planted another kiss on her cheek. "Then let's go home and show each other some serious affection in our bedroom. "