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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 386

Emmeline's face turned even redder at the vulgar language being used in front of the children. Abel squinted his piercing gaze and casually glanced at the security camera. Evelyn, have you been fed enough dog food? My only love is Emmeline, don't you get it? You're such a boring woman! Sure enough, Evelyn was in the surveillance room, her face darkening with anger. She felt a sour ache in her heart, making her uncomfortable. Getting up from her chair with a cold expression, she suppressed her jealousy and left the surveillance room. Soon after, Luca entered the room from the adjacent one. He looked at the cameras and saw Evelyn walking towards the hotel lobby, presumably leaving. Luca followed her movements and switched between the cameras. Suddenly, he saw a familiar figure. Luca quickly zoomed in on the camera. Upon closer inspection, he realized that it was Alana! She was sitting at a table in the lobby, eating with another woman. Luca narrowed his eyes and recognized the woman as Alondra. He immediately messaged Abel, "Mr. Abel, Altney's woman has left, but I've found something else. " Abel was in the middle of teaching the kids how to crack open crabs when he heard his phone beep. He took off his disposable gloves and checked the message. "What's the other thing?" he replied. "It's Alana. She's still out there, living it up," Luca reported. Upon reading the message, Abel's piercing eyes narrowed

Alana was brought in, bound, and gagged, and Luca shoved her to the ground with a forceful kick. She fell to her knees on the cold, hard concrete floor. In the darkness, all she could make out was a tall, imposing figure looming over her

. "Ummph," she mumbled under the duct tape, "who are you? Why am I tied up?" But her mouth was tightly sealed and she couldn't speak. Clang! The iron door behind her opened. In the backlight, Alana saw another tall and upright man entering. In the backlight, the man was only a silhouette, and his facial features were indistinguishable. But his towering and majestic figure exuded an indescribable aura of dominance, which made Alana recognize him immediately. "Abel?" Alana called out under the duct tape. Abel only heard her muffled sounds of "mmph mmph mmph. " "Abel!" Alana tried to lunge toward him. Abel raised his palm and sent her flying two to three meters away. Then, he took off his suit jacket and sat down at an old table with some ledger on it. The cold and distant dim light shone on his sinister and forbidding face. Alana lay on the ground looking up at this man. She finally understood why Abel was called the devil from hell. Looking at his face as cold as an ancient iceberg, she felt bone-chilling coldness, and. Killing intent! Yes, it was killing intent