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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 387

Alana was almost scared to death, paralyzed on the ground, too frightened to move. Abel casually grabbed a bottle of white wine from his side and "smack!" threw it in front of Alana. The bottle exploded right in front of Alana's face, sending icy cold alcohol and sharp glass fragments flying all over her face. She screamed in pain under the duct tape. She felt as if her face had been punctured by countless small cuts, and the wounds were throbbing with excruciating pain from the sting of the alcohol. Abel, you are ruthless! Tears welled up in Alana's eyes. Abel strode over and kicked Alana's face with the tip of his leather shoe. "Did you ever think this day would come when you schemed against me five years ago?" Abel sneered. Alana couldn't speak. But Abel didn't want to hear her excuses. This woman always had something slick to say, and he had no interest in listening. "Umph, umph," Alana could only bow her head and beg for mercy. "Begging for mercy? Too late!" Abel sneered. "You schemed against me, my wife, and my children. You knew what was coming!" Alana shook her head frantically. She knew Abel was ruthless, but she never thought it would come to this. "The Brookwater Village murder case - someone took the fall for you, didn't they? You're quite skilled, aren't you?" Abel chuckled. "Who's backing you up behind the scenes?" Alana shook her head, refusing to answer. She knew that if she said anything, she would only end up in an even worse situation. "Is it Adam?" Abel furrowed his brow. Alana shook her head vigorously

"Throw her out!" he ordered. "Yes, Mr. Abel," Luca replied

. Abel grabbed his suit jacket from the table and quickly put it on before heading out of the basement. He checked his watch and realized that less than ten minutes had passed. With a cool and composed demeanor, Abel strode into the private room. "Got everything taken care of?" Emmeline was serving the kids their food. "Yeah," Abel replied with a warm smile, "it's all good now. Let's enjoy our meal. " The whole family continued their seafood feast, happy and carefree. Suddenly, Rosaline called. Abel quickly answered. "Hey, Mom. " "Abel, dear," Rosaline said gleefully, "I've arranged for your wedding day. I've got everything checked and set. " "Thanks, Mom," Abel said, "what day is it?" "It's the 29th of next month. Is that okay with you?" "Yeah, let me ask Emma. " Abel covered the phone and asked Emmeline, "Mom's picked the 29th of next month for our wedding day. Is that okay with you?"