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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 388

Emmeline counted on her fingers and realized they had just over thirty days to prepare. "Okay, great. Thank Auntie for me," she said to Abel. Abel relayed the message to Rosaline, who replied, "Good. We have enough time to prepare for it. " Abel felt relieved. Once he and Emmeline were officially married, she could call him her husband without any hesitation. "But Abel," Rosaline asked, "where are you planning to set up your home? You own several villas, don't you?" "I think I'll ask Emma," Abel said, mentioning the locations of his several villas to Emmeline. "I think The Precipice would be best," Emmeline said. "It's close to where the kids will be going to preschool. " "Okay then," Abel said. "We can stay wherever you want for a few days, and I'll have the children's rooms decorated to their liking. " Emmeline nodded. "I actually prefer the western suburbs. You can see the beach from there. " "If that's what you like, we'll make it our wedding home," Abel said. "We can always go back to The Precipice after the wedding. " Emmeline thought it over and nodded. "That works for me

"Mommy has been with you for a lifetime, it's not easy. " "And Mommy gave birth to all four of us," Helios chimed in. "Mommy has also suffered a lot," Endymion added

. "So Daddy can't let Mommy down," Hesperus concluded. "We support Daddy!" "Then it's settled," Abel said. "Altney, the company in Struyria, will be renamed as Emmett Group, and that will be the dowry for Mommy!" "Wow!" exclaimed Timothy. "That must be worth billions!" "A few billion at least," Helios nodded. "Sounds good to me," Endymion agreed. "Alright then, it's settled!" Hesperus concluded. "I have to hand it to you guys," Emmeline said. "But if that's the case, then I also want to have a suitable dowry. " “You already have four precious sons, that's all I need!” Abel said, “They are priceless treasures!” “Then we, the four brothers, are Mommy's dowry!” Timothy exclaimed happily. “I agree!” Abel laughed, “I really hit the jackpot!” Emmeline thought to herself that she would tell Abel before their wedding that her dowry was the Wonder Doctor, but for now, she decided to keep it a surprise. Old Mr. Ryker didn't also encourage Abel to pursue Wonder Doctor? Now it's great, she's been directly brought into the family. After dinner, Luca packed a special seafood meal to bring to Sam. He had the bodyguards squeeze into the first two cars, while he drove a car himself, turning towards Nightfall Cafe. Just thinking that he would soon see Sam made Luca's heartbeat "thump, thump"