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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 389

There were two customers in the cafe. Sam was busying herself with serving them coffee. Luca suddenly barging in had scared her out of her wits. She nearly dropped the coffee cups in her hands. "Careful there. " He helped her with the cups. "Thanks. Luca. " She flushed red. "What are you doing here?" Luca served the coffee to the customers and showed her the neatly packed seafood feast in his hands. "You forgot about Mr. Abel and Ms. Louise's instructions, didn't you?" "Oh. " She finally remembered. "Seafood? It completely slipped my mind!" "I figured. " Luca set the food down on the counter. "Eat it while it's still hot. Those don't taste good cold. " Sam opened the container to find it overflowing with food. "Hey, Luca? I can't finish this by myself. Why don't we eat it together?" "I already ate. " He waved her off. "That's all yours. Take your time with it. " "I'll make you some coffee then. " "It's okay," he said

As for her two severed fingers, she believed Abel wouldn't allow Luca to let her retrieve them even if she were to beg for them. She knew deep down that she had condemned three innocents from Brookwater just to get back at Emmeline and her children. She had also nearly pushed Emmeline into becoming Adrien's wife

. His punishment of severing her fingers was not a light one. It was only after the doctor treated her wounds and calmed the pain that her pale face was no longer contorted from pain. She grabbed her phone and called Adam. It took a while for the call to connect. Adam sounded impatient. "What bullsh*t did you pull this time, b*tch?" "Mr. Adam," she wailed. "My hand. Abel cut off two of my fingers!" ". " Adam could be heard sucking in a breath through the receiver. Abel severed Alana's fingers? Adam was a cruel man but even he couldn't help but feel a chill down his spine. That man is a ruthless one when he wants to be! I can't underestimate him! "What happened?" He asked. "Abel found out I wasn't in prison and guessed that I had someone backing me. " "And? What did you say?" "Of course, I wouldn't say it's you!" She continued to cry, "That's why he cut off my fingers. It's a warning directed at you, Mr. Adam. He's telling you to be more straightforward!" "Abel! Ryker!" He was furious. "You're going too f*cking far! Watch your back. I'm coming for you!" "Can you get someone to pick me up, Mr. Adam?" She asked. "I don't want to stay out here anymore. I want to go back to the Imperial Palace. I can only be safe by your side!" "F*ck me… You finally know the Hellish Shura is real? And you're still hanging around outdoors?"