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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 390

"I won't! I won't do it again. " Alana wailed. "Please get someone to pick me up. I want to be treated at the Imperial Palace. " "Wait a little longer!" Adam gritted his teeth. "You better start thinking about how you're going to take revenge for what you suffered today when you return!" "That goes without saying. I'm not just going to let this go. I'd rather die!" "Good. " His voice was cold. "Send me the location!" Alana then sent him her location. She was back at the Imperial Palace an hour and a half later in Section G. Adam called for a doctor to administer an IV in the room. "Mr. Abel," Alana started. "Abel already suspects you. I've been trying to keep you protected. " "I know he's already suspecting me. " The look in his eyes was grim. "That man isn't an easy one to fool. " "So what do we do? We're not just going to sit around and wait for him to come to our doors, right?" "We'll just have to switch our target to Emmeline," he said morosely. "Destroy her and Abel will break. " "Sounds like a plan!" Alana despised Emmeline. She was more than happy to agree to Adam's plan to cause her harm. "But how do we deal with Emmeline? Abel keeps her so well protected. " "We'll just have to make use of Grandad," Adam said. "I always thought something about Emmeline's identity was suspect

" Julianna smiled. "My health has improved so much. " Adrien sighed

. "It's just a pity she isn't my wife. It'd be a great fortune to have her as one of us. " "Ah. " She sighed. "You've met a lot of women. Are there none like her?" "I was wondering about that myself. " He sliced up the apple and fed the pieces to his mother. "No! I have to launch a countrywide search for a woman like her!" Juliana nearly spit out the apple. She playfully flicked his forehead and laughed. "Of course, you'd come up with a terrible idea like that. " "How is that a bad idea?" He was entirely serious. "What's wrong with me going out of my way to start a countrywide search for marriage? It would be so much easier for me to find someone that looks like Emmeline. " "But even if you do find someone that looks like her, they'd be a different person, no?" "What matters is the heart," he said. "Anyone that looks like Em should be a good person. " Her son's words did make sense. Anyone that resembled her would be a bombshell with a cunning look in her eyes. Emmeline was different. Behind her sparkling eyes was purity. The heart did matter the most here. The door suddenly opened as the mother-son duo conversed with one another. The temperature seemed to drop as Adam entered the room