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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 391

"Adam. " Julianna was happy to see her eldest son. "You're here. " This was the second time Adam had come to visit her since she was admitted to the hospital. His appearance surprised her. "Nothing going on today?" "Mom," Adam started. "The medicine you told me you were taking over the phone. Did you already finish them?" "There's still one left for today. " Julianna assumed that her son was asking because he cared for her health. "That medicine is quite the special thing. Four of those and I'm close to recovery. " "Don't take the last one," he said. "Give it to me. " "Give it to you?" Both Julianna and Adrien asked. "What for?" "Yeah. " She didn't understand. "This is to treat my illness. What do you need it for?" "It's for something important. Give it to me!" "I can't do that," she said. "I can't give it to you. I need Emmeline's medicine to stabilize my health!" "Go ask her for more then. I'm taking the last pack. I'm telling you, it's important. I need it!" He swept a glance around the room to find the package sitting on the bedside table. He grabbed it. "Adam!" Adrien tried to stop him. "What are you doing? Mom needs that

"Your phone, Em. Adrien called," Abel said. Emmeline's brows furrowed

. She pouted. "Why won't he just disappear?" "Maybe it's something important. You should call him back. " The more she thought about it, the more his words made sense. She caved and called him back. Adrien answered in an instant. "Emma. " He sounded agitated. "Did you need something, Adrien?" She asked cooly. "Yeah. " He nodded. "Spill. I have the right to refuse your request if you start spouting nonsense. " "It's nothing like that. " He panicked. "I need you to do me a favor. " "Umm…" Julianna took his phone before he could finish. "Emma? It's me. I was wondering if you could prepare another dose of the medication. It works really well. " "Mrs. Julianna? The dosage should've been just right. You should be fine after you finish everything. Why do you need more?"