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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 393

"I don't know what he's up to either," Julianna said. "He came here in a hurry, took what he needed, and left. " Abel's expression turned grim. Adam was a man who knew how to scheme and was insidious and cunning. His actions of taking the medication Emmeline had prepared meant that he was targeting her. He believed the medicine was non-toxic and harmless. Even if Adam tried, he wouldn't be able to do anything. So, what exactly is he after? It's just medicine to treat a condition. What use does he have for it? "Come on, Emma. " Abel held her by her shoulder. "We got it delivered. We should get going. " "Okay. " She handed the package to Julianna and followed Abel out of the ward. "I don't know what Adam is planning. " Abel was also on guard. "You should be careful. Don't get close to him. " "I know. " She nodded. Burden weighed her heart. Adam shouldn't have gone out of his way to take the medicine. "Tell me if anything happens, Emma. Don't make rash decisions on your own. " "I know. " She took his arm as they approached the elevator. "There's nothing to worry about

" "Emmeline…" That shocked Oscar. "You mean Abel's woman, Emmeline Louise?" "What other Emmeline? Just this one thing has turned the world upside down. " "

. " Oscar was still in disbelief. "That's impossible. You're telling me the Adelmars have an heir and it just so happens to be Emmeline?" "I didn't believe it either," Adam admitted. "But that doesn't explain how she could've come up with a remedy for Vampire Dust. " "I don't believe you," Oscar said. "Do you think she knows how to do it just because you said she knows how to? Where's your proof?" Adam wasn't going to tell him about what happened at the Imperial Palace. He changed the subject by showing him the medication he had taken from the hospital. "There's also this thing here. Emmeline made this for my mother. The effect was surprisingly good!" Oscar opened the packet to look inside. "I don't really know what I'm looking at but there's someone who might. " "You're talking about Mr. Ywain. " "Yes," Adam confirmed. "I remember you saying that Mr. Ywain had also dealt with Robert Adelmar back then. He also knows esoteric medicine. " "Makes sense. " Oscar nodded. "We'll go see Mr. Ywain. He'll tell us whether or not this medicine has anything to do with the Adelmar. "