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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 394

Oscar went upstairs to get changed once the conversation between grandfather and grandson came to a close. An hour later, the two of them arrived at Sunny Avenue and found Mr. Ywain. Mr. Ywain was an old friend of Oscar's who specialized in the likes of fortune-telling and esoteric medicine. The man took a look at the herbs contained in the pack and took whiffs to identify what was in them. He began to explain, "I can't say for certain that this is a formula from the Adelmar Clan but to see herbs formulated this way and working this well… Only Robert Adelmar would come up with something like this. " Oscar's expression turned grave. "But Robert hasn't been in the country," Mr. Ywain said. "Where did you get this, Oscar?" "A girl gave this to us," he answered. "I'll be interrogating her. " "In my opinion. " Mr. Ywain stroked his beard. "It wouldn't be far-fetched to say the girl is a disciple of Robert himself. " Oscar and Adam shared a look and left with their findings. The elder began to speak once they stepped out of the courtyard. "Emmeline is not a simple girl, is she?" "Is she here to mess with the Rykers on purpose?" Adam frowned. "That's impossible. " Oscar immediately pushed the notion aside. "She was pregnant with Abel's children. " "She must've met Robert Adelmar in the four years after she gave birth then. She then returned to us," Adam deduced. "But she doesn't seem like she's trying anything

" Grandad is here? Abel was surprised but didn't show it. "Sure. " He nodded

. "I got it. Direct him to my office once he's here. " "Yes, sir. " Oscar was at his door no more than three minutes later. The secretary pushed open the door and respectfully ushered him inside. "Grandad. " Abel got up. "What brings you here?" "Am I not allowed to come to check on your work?" "Of course, you can. Feel free to drop by anytime. " "Hm. Well, why don't you walk me through the different departments so I can see what's going on. " "Sure. " Abel took his coat jacket off the rack and put it back on. "Let's go, Grandad. " The two men then went down to the eighty-eighth floor and started their inspection from the domestic marketing department. Abel meticulously explained everything to the elder as he led the way. Oscar, meanwhile, was happy to hear about the growth of the company. A smile gradually made its way to his face. The main purpose of his visit was not to check on Abel's work but he was more than happy to know that the Ryker family was in good hands. They had gone through five departments by the time they reached the eighty-fourth floor. Oscar was panting from exhaustion