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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 395

"Alright, never mind. We're done for today. " Oscar finally gave up. "The domestic operations seem to be running smoothly. " "Yes. " Abel nodded. "The Ryker Group is currently the leading company domestically. " "What about the overseas market?" The elder finally got to why he was truly here. "The foreign markets are doing well. We're gaining momentum against our competitors. " "It's not enough to just talk about it," Oscar said. "There was also that overseas partner that caused us trouble last time around. I think you should go take a look yourself. I feel uneasy otherwise. " "I've carefully instructed the overseas branch on what to do. Everything will be dealt with in a timely manner. " "So what if you hand it off to the overseas branch? It's not like they can control our partners abroad. " "It's fine for now. You have nothing to worry about, Grandad. " "It's only natural that I worry," Oscar continued. "The stability of the overseas market is related to the Ryker Group's development. It's always on my mind. " What is Grandad trying to say? "I think you should travel abroad to look over them to play it safe. " Abel frowned and said nothing in response. Oscar's sudden demand for him to go abroad to visit their business partners overseas put a bad taste in his mouth. There had to be more with his request. Rather than just a harmless visitation, Oscar's sudden appearance seemed to concern his request for him to go abroad

Ryker. I'll do as requested. " "Good," Oscar said

. "Let me know once the procedures have been handled. " "Yes, sir!" The secretary shot Abel a look. With a single nod from Abel, the secretary was gone. He returned ten minutes later with a stack of printouts. "These are Mr. Ryker's flight tickets, Old Mr. The first layover would be at Xandenia. This is the boarding information. " Oscar was shortsighted, leading to his grim-faced assistant scrambling to offer him his glasses. He took a look at the details after putting them on. On the papers was Abel's boarding information alongside a few bodyguards. "This is good. I can rest assured. " He put his glasses away. "You look anxious, Grandad. " Abel narrowed his eyes. "Did something happen?" "Of course not. " Oscar immediately covered it up with an excuse. "It's just what happened last time that shook me. I feel unsettled just thinking about it. " Abel's lips curled into a sneer. Grandad's every move seems to have something to do with Adam. Just what is Adam up to?