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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 396

Abel pondered on the matter when a chill suddenly went down his spine. Adam had taken the medicine that Emmeline concocted the day before. Was he starting to turn his sights on her? But what instigated Grandad? The more he thought about it, the more his brows furrowed. Oscar got to his feet. "I'm heading back. Remember to let me know before you leave the country, Abel. " "I will. " Abel bowed. "I'll come with you, Grandad. " "Sure. " The elder nodded. They left the office and entered the executive elevator. He saw Oscar's convoy leave from the square, Abel turned to Luca and said in a nearly inaudible voice, "Book for a return ticket immediately. Let none of this news get out. Emmeline can only know about my departure, not my return. ” "Yes, Mr. Abel. " Luca did as he was told and got return tickets for himself and Abel along with their entourage of bodyguards. When they got back to The Precipice, Emmeline had dropped off the kids at the kindergarten. After he got changed, Abel told her about the business trip he was going on tomorrow. "That's sudden. " She took his coat and hung it up. "What's wrong? Don't want to see your husband go?" He embraced her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and said shyly, "That goes without saying. We've only been together for a few days

"Who?" She broke into hysterics while he remained clueless as to what she meant. "Aunt Flo," she whispered. "Aunt Flo is here

. " ". " He finally understood what she meant by a "guest". He, at least, knew what Aunt Flo was. He heard the term back in school. He just couldn't wrap his head around why the girls referred to it as Aunt Flo. "Does your stomach hurt?" Abel knew girls experienced stomach cramps during that time of the month. They were menstrual cramps. He gently stroked her lower abdomen. "I'm fine," Emmeline answered. "There is some pain on the first day but it'll get better tomorrow. " He nodded. "You should drink some hot chocolate. I've seen girls drinking that. " "Oh, you know about it?" She twisted his ear. "Spill. Was your first love a student?" He wrapped his arms around her. "I swear I've never experienced first love in my life. " "How is that possible? You've never liked a girl before?" "There was no girl. Many of them liked me but I liked playing basketball more. " "Hahahaha. " She guffawed. "Your first love is basketball?!"