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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 397

"I'm telling you the truth. " Abel nodded in earnest. "I went to sleep every night hugging a basketball and praying for first place in tomorrow's game. " "From now on, your basketball and I are now rivals. You're only allowed to hug me to bed. No basketballs allowed!" "I'm not that stupid anymore. " He pinched her cheek. "You're soft and adorable. Basketballs are hard and smell bad. I'd rather die than hug a basketball. " "Hahaha. " She burst into laughter while cradled in his arms. "I'll go get you some hot chocolate. " He kissed her. "Just lie back. I'll be right back. " "Mm-hmm. " Emmeline nodded happily. He gave her another kiss before leaving downstairs. Kendra was helping the chef with preparing the meals when Abel walked in. "Mr. Abel. " Kendra startled. "The food isn't ready yet. " "Oh, there's no hurry. I'm just here to get some hot chocolate. " "Hot chocolate?" Kendra immediately understood. "I'll prepare that and have it delivered to Ms. Louise when I'm done. " "I can do it myself," Abel said. "I can get a handle on how it's done. " "Let me help you then

" He gave her a peck on her cheek. "But you're my wife. A wife and an assistant are different things

. " If Luca were here, he'd say, "I'm just an assistant. It's not like I'm your wife. " Emmeline jabbed a finger to his forehead. "Quite the tongue you got on you. " "We'll do it together then. " He gave her a small peck on her lips. Emmeline stood on her tiptoes to return the gesture. They packed the suitcase together. That was when Daisy knocked on the door. "Mr. Abel, Ms. Louise. Dinner is ready. " Kendra watched the children play in the garden after dinner. Abel and Emmeline left the home and wandered along the path outside the courtyard wall that led to the mountainside. The path was bumpy with jagged rocks littered everywhere. They slowly climbed up the mountain hand in hand. "Emma," he started. "This is something for you and the kids to keep in mind while I'm gone. " "What is it?" She asked. "Tell me. " "Don't get into contact with Adam. " "I've never involved myself with him. I never liked him. " "Don't go to Grandad's too. " "That's a funny thing to say. " She stood atop a rock. "Why would I go to Grandad's when I have no business with him? He never liked me in the first place. What are you trying to say?"